• 14 May 2024
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Article Summary

Private Label Managment

Private Labeled VT System

A full feature rich “Private Label Theming” engine that allows you to fully customize nearly everything about your private Labeled VT System; not just your logo and some colors. Enjoy a full suite of toggles, controls and admin abilities to customize settings, branding, verbiage, outgoing emails, menus, feature sets and more.

Courseware Management

Courseware Manager

Quickly create your content and video courses with multiple chapters and testing for your users with our extensive and feature rich Courseware Manager. Provision your content as granular as you want with infinite Content Roles to make courses available individually, by roles, or departments, etc.

Media Library

Media Library

Upload and store all of your media (video, audio, documents, images) to be used in your Courseware Manager and other areas of your Private Labeled VT System. The Media Library will do all of the hard work for you on your videos by encoding them into multiple bitrates to support adaptive streaming, optional MP4 downloadable formats, thumbnails and more. Enjoy unlimited file uploading, encoding and storage, as well as a full taxonomy ability so you can easily organize your media assets to the “Nth” degree.



A great viral marketing tool where you can carefully control your marketing message and grant users the ability to spread predefined and curated messages freely – whenever – and to whichever social media platforms they desire. Postables are tracked as they are shared, helping you to discover which social networks perform best with your Learners and what marketing content works – and what doesn’t.

Notification Center

Notification Center & Communication Tools

A wide set of features that allow you to message and communicate with your users with in-app messages, emails and SMS Text messages. Utilize the “APB’s” (all points bulletins) to pop up video messages as soon as your users sign in. Set up “WatchDog” reports to send you emails and SMS Text notifications of reports, and usage activity about your users and teams.

Interactive Studio

Interactive Studio

Take regular videos and make them truly interactive to create immersive - video rich - experiences for your users. With complete tracking and reporting of what users do inside your interactive videos, you can fully leverage the power of interactivity and all the data collection it provides.

Interactive Landing Pages

Interactive Landing Pages

Interactive Landing Pages (ILP) let you share interactive videos outside of the VT system. Build ILP Campaigns to promote events and product deals, gauge audience interests through interactive surveys, generate warm leads, and more. Create simple video landing pages, or fully customized pages with your own HTML, or even embed these interactive videos on any page or site of your choice, while still leveraging all of the tracking and reporting.

Client Care

Extensive Support & Guidance

We have real humans that are trained to help with support items, project and configuration guidance and tips and tricks to help you fully leverage your VT System. Onboarding courseware will walk you through getting set, configuring and supporting your users from top to bottom. A custom configured “Help Me” assistant that you can look up anything you need help with, and it will walk you through the System on what to click, and how to do it, just like the bouncing ball in karaoke.


E-Commerce & Monetization Tools

Deep integration management support tools for leveraging “Chargify” for fully automated subscription management, ‘Direct to Stripe’ for fluid E-Commerce and auto user creation and secondary ‘one click’ up-sell triggers and Mini-POS direct to Stripe for your sales team to take payments for anything at anytime.


API's & Webhook Triggers

A full suite of API methods and other tools will let you integrate your VT System into almost any other web application. Enterprise level Single Sign On using SAML 2.0 is available to synchronize and sign your users in from your other systems.


Deep Reporting & Dashboards

Dozens of reports and dashboards to give you insights on every aspect of your users, content, assignments, usage, certifications and more.


SCORM Support

Seamlessly import, launch and track SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xAPI in the Courseware Manager.

Assigned Training

Assigned Training

Create assignments for any group of users across or individually – so your users will know instantly what you want them to be working on. Including “Revolutions” so you can assign courses to be taken with tracked repetition so you experience ‘actual learning.”

Multiple Private Labeled Locations

Multi Private Label Environment

This is one of the big points of differentiation of LightSpeed VT where you can have as many “Sub-Private Labeled” VT Systems as you may need. If your target customer base is a business vs. an individual, this feature is invaluable in your ability to offer a full B2B training solutions to your customers.  If you have a large company with lots of brick and mortar Locations, this will allow you to manage them with as much autonomy as you want so that your training solution can literally parallel your organizational structure.

Live Streaming

Host Live Virtual Events

Users can launch a Zoom meeting or join a YouTube LIVE Stream right from within the Training Center of your VT System.


Gamification & Leaderboards

Create Leaderboards with a plethora of Achievements users can attain based on your customized actions for training and participation. Award users with Points, unique Badges and specialized Ranks.

File Vault

File Vault

Store and organize documents and files for your users to easily access and download. It acts as a resource library for you to put files in folders and provision them out to your users by: Location, Access Level and/or Content Roles.

Zapier Integration

Zapier Integration

Leverage native Zaps to create and manage users and B2B Locations, as well as the Zapier ‘Catchhooks’ to send and receive real time usage data to hundreds of other supported web apps through Zapier.

User Registration

Easy User Registration Tools

Create custom Registration Forms for any of your Locations and configure unique Promo codes for marketing and promotional needs.


Localization Tools

Built in Localization tools will allow your users to select their desired language and the interface will display in the language of their choice. You can also add as many closed caption tracks to each video that you need. There are currently 25+ languages supported and growing.

Native Mobile App

Native Mobile Companion App

“VT²GO” is available as a free download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Any active username can sign in and once signed in, the private labeled environment is displayed to users, where they can browse the entire VT System as well as use the “download manager” to take content offline and all progress is tracked and recorded.



A fully featured social network for an online community, similar to Facebook right inside your private Labeled VT System. Complete with admin and moderator tools, abuse reporting and restrictions, private and secret by invite only groups, feeds, real time chat and more.

SkillShop Marketplace

SkillShop Marketplace

The SkillShop is a marketplace made available to all LSVT clients and end users where they can browse and purchase additional content, over and above what is already in their “Training Center” for their own individual, or business use. This marketplace is a growing collection of Content Providers and Products.

SMART Tracker

SMART Tracker

The SMART Tracker allows you to create, collect and track basic metrics that will be entered by your Users. You can customize the information to collect from them so they can easily submit information at a required time. The information entered by the Users will be collected and compiled for easy digestion at a quick glance.

External Certs

External Certifications & Licences

Designed to give you an easy way to upload, manage and track Certifications or Licenses that Users earn from sources outside of your VT System. On-site training for programs such as the 10-Year Industry Standard OSHA Certification or the Annual ProTrainings Sexual Harassment Certification can now be tracked and reported on from one central source.

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