Smart Tracker
  • 08 Aug 2022
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Smart Tracker

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Article Summary


This new feature will allow you to create, collect and track basic metrics that will be entered by your Users.

You can customize the information to collect from your Users so they can easily submit information at a required time.

The information entered by the Users will be collected and compiled for easy digestion at a quick glance.

How It Works

Select the Management tab and create a new tracker. Give it a name and an optional description, and then add your metrics.

1. Tracking Metrics

  • Name – what do you want to call this tracker? Example: “Completed Demo Calls” (Note: keep the name short, as this is what will appear as a column on your reports)
  • Optional Description – expand further on the name if necessary.
  • Metric Value – Number, Currency, or simply a check box the User checks off each time?
  • Target (Optional) – Give your Users a target number to hit, or simply enter “0” if there is no target.

2. Tracking Period

Set the frequency for how your Users will be meeting the metric to daily, weekly or monthly.

  • If this is set to Daily, Users will access the SMART Tracker and enter their information every day.
  • If this is set to Weekly, Users will be able to enter their data every day and track their progress on the reports page through the week. The week represents 7 days, Monday to Sunday.
  • If this is set to Monthly, it will behave the same as Weekly.

3. Settings

There are two options in this section:

  • Display Target Value to Users – This will allow you to decide if you want to SHOW the User what the target is or not.
  • Allow Users to Edit Submissions – This will allow Users that incorrectly entered or did not enter a value to go back and make adjustments. For example: If my tracking period is weekly, and I made 5 demo calls on Monday and 5 demo calls on Tuesday, but forgot to enter my calls for Monday – if this toggle was set to ‘yes’ – I could go to Monday’s date and enter ‘5’, so my report showed it correctly (rather tahn just entering “10” for Tuesday to catch it up).

4. Assign Locations

Choose which Locations – or all – that should see this

5. Assign Users

Choose which Users at the selected Locations that should see this.

Once this has been successfully added, your Users assigned to the tracker can now enter their data simply by opening the SMART Tracker feature.

After entering their data, Users can click on the “My Tracking History” tab and view all of their submissions and monitor their progress.

Depending on whether your tracker is set to Daily, Weekly or Monthly, we’ll automatically add a calculation to show you whether you’re above or below your target milestone.


While they can see their own tracking history, they will not be able to see reporting for their peers or Users with higher access than themselves

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