• 14 Feb 2024
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LightSpeed VT uses the SCORM engine from and thus supports all versions of SCORM. A full list of the versions of SCORM can be found here:

Notes about your SCORM formatted course:

  • A SCORM package needs to have a imsmanifest.xml file which describes the course and its content.
  • A xAPI package needs to have a tincan.xml file and needs to send xAPI statements to the SCORM Cloud Learning Record Store.
  • An AICC package needs to be zipped up with the 4 AICC descriptor files (AU, CRS, CST, & DES).
  • A cmi5 package must include a ‘cmi5.xml’ file which includes a list of assignable units (AU) which when launched will communicate with the SCORM Cloud Learning Record Store via xAPI.

Add your SCORM course:

  1. Create a New Course
  2. Change the Course Type to “SCORM Course”.
  3. Upload your zipped SCORM file to the Media Library, or paste the SCORM Cloud Course ID (if you're hosting the course yourself).
  4. Configure the SCORM settings as needed:
    Score By: Select how the Course is scored; Success or Completion
    Open SCORM: Determine how the SCORM Course will be launched: Inline (Embedded) will open the SCORM Course directly within the Training Center. In a New Window will launch the SCORM Course in a separate popup window.
    New Window Size: If opening the SCORM In a New Window, choose the window size.
  5. Then be sure to complete all the required fields and additional details to provide Learners with helpful information.

SCORM Course

Once you Assign + Publish the course, Learners will be able to launch your SCORM course from the Training Center and their training progress will be captured in My Report Card, Usage Reports and Location Content Report.


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