May 17, 2023
  • 17 May 2023
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May 17, 2023

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Hello Everyone and welcome to another update from the Development team!


  • Video Player: When a video was encoded using fractional FPS, for some Users the 'Resume' feature was only working intermittently. This has been fixed.
  • Top Navigation Bar: We fixed an issue where the Search option was not hiding properly when Search was disabled through System settings.
  • Course Report: Fixed two issues with the report, one where in some cases you could not select "User Submission" entries at the bottom of the report. The second was an issue showing access to more Locations than the User should have had access to.
  • Global Search Bar / Feature: If you type "meow meow meow" into the search bar and search for it, you will automatically be given access to our secret trove of cat pictures. Just kidding, but we should definitely add that "feature" right?
  • 402 - Certification Report: We've made an update to add the certificate "Completion Percentage" to the results, and also fixed an issue where sorting some of the columns was not working as expected.
  • Courseware Management: Once a Course has been created, you can no longer switch the Course back to a SCORM Course. Making this switch was causing some issues where the SCORM Course was not being scored properly.
  • Assign Training: A small update was made to add the Course ID next to the Course name on the assignment list. Sometimes Courses share the same name, and adding the ID here will help make sure the correct Course was selected.
  • Registration / User Profile: When using a Registration form and inputting a non-US phone number, the number was not always saving correctly under the User's profile. We've made an update to allow additional characters now to facilitate all non-US numbers.
  • 205 - Force Training Completion: Access Level 3 / Super User C has been given access to this tool.
  • Watchdog Reports: Fixed a bug on the table where some columns were not sorting properly.
  • File Vault: Fixed an issue when trying to 'move files' from one System to another was not working as expected.
  • Training Center / User Submission: Journal Chapter types are no longer a 'required' field for Users. Users can now answer no entries or all entries each visit, with the option of returning to update it later.
  • Community Groups: This section has been updated so that when you click on 'Members' you can now see who is pending, invited, etc... and act accordingly on those Users.
  • Media Library: We made a significant update to the file upload process to now handle all files more efficiently. We've also added a new tooltip on files greater than 5GB to let you know to be patient when the file has completed uploading, as it will need time to be prepared for encoding properly.
  • Made general / global updates to change the branding "Chargify" to "Maxio" where applicable.
  • VT2GO: The LightSpeed VT companion App has been given a general OS update. This latest update allows the app to work on the latest Android and iOS devices.
  • Courseware Management / Training Center: Along with Stripe and Maxio, we've now added the ability to use with a Sellable Course type. More information / documentation is coming on that very soon.

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