May 1, 2023
  • 01 May 2023
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May 1, 2023

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Article Summary

Hello Everyone and welcome to another update from the Development team. Grab some coffee, it's a big one!


Global Search

We are thrilled to announce a new update to search experience. Users can easily search for their desired courseware from anywhere in the VT System. The new search functionality is more user-friendly and intuitive, making it easier for users to find the exact Category, Course or Chapter they are looking for. Additionally, the updated interface is faster and more responsive, providing a seamless experience for all Users.

Simply click on the 'Search' icon in the top header and check it out for yourself today!

Global Search Update 2023

My Notes

We're also excited to announce an update to My Notes. This update brings significant improvements to how Users find and access all of their notes taken during their training. With a centralized tab within the Training Center, Users can easily search and find specific notes, export them for offline review, and quickly jump back into a specific chapter to edit or continue their training.

Note: If you do not see this update in the Training Center, please see this article to learn how to enable My Notes for your VT System.

My Notes Update 2023


Assign Training

  • On the Reporting page, we added a new way to view progress that can be broken down by each individual Course.
  • Updated the 'Archive' tab to limit the view of archived Assignments to only show the ones that you have access to view.
  • Updated the Assignment creation process where if 'Teams' are not enabled for your System, we will no longer show that as an option when selecting Users for the Assignment. This was also done for 'Content roles' if the User does not have the ability to manage Users.
  • Fixed an issue on the PDF report export where the "In Progress" and "Complete" displaying on the circle graph were swapped.
  • Fixed a display issue where the assignment report was showing a higher number of Chapters required for completion, while the User saw a different lower number.
  • Fixed an 'oops' error that was appearing in rare cases when looking at reports.
  • Made a quality of life update to prevent Deleted Courses from being available to be added to Assignments.

Global / Other

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes when clicking on a Chapter linked from My Favorites / Search / My Notes was showing a "No Access" error message by mistake.
  • Fixed several bugs introduced with Leaderboard improvements made earlier this year, including a rare instance where some Users were earning Achievements without actually completing the action required - and fixed one typo.
  • Location Content Report: Fixed a visual bug where this report was sometimes showing 2 versions of the same course if the Course was "Aliased".
  • Fixed an issue where signing in to the Community was sometimes incorrectly removing the User's session (so it appeared like they signed out).
  • Courseware Management: Made an update to allow "mp3" audio file type to be uploaded and selected to use from within the Courseware Management media selector.
  • Fixed an issue where when a Callout was active and a Video was being used within it, it was sometimes incorrectly signing you out immediately. If you happen to still be experiencing this, please clear your cache!
  • 402 - Certification Report: Fixed an issue where the 'complete' trophy icon was missing.
  • 405 - Multi-Location Content Report: Fixed an issue where when running this report for a single day date range, the full day of data was not being represented, rather only half of it.
  • 404 Usage Report: Fixed an issue where searching by a single day was not returning the correct results.
  • Fixed an issue with the Content Role Mapping tool showing an 'oops' error when too much data was being mapped.

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