July 24, 2023
  • 24 Jul 2023
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July 24, 2023

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Hello Everyone! Welcome to another update from the Development team, and we're coming in hot! Don't worry though, this email is waterproof with a SPF rating of 45.


New Chapter Type Setting

The Simple Page Chapter type has been updated to include a new optional "Timer" where you can add a length of time Users must spend viewing the page in the Training Center.

This allows you to set a predetermined length of time you expect Users to spend on the page before allowing them to continue on.

Simple Page - Required Time Spent

Google Analytics 4 is now available!

If you utilize GA for your Sign In page, Interactive Landing Pages, or your System in general, you can now update your tags as needed.


  • Interactive Studio:
    • We've temporarily removed the option to use the new beta version of the Studio as we work on various feedback and bugs.
    • Fixed an issue where the video file name was showing as "n/a" rather than the correct filename.
    • Fixed an issue where adding a new video file was changing the segment name.
    • Fixed an issue where switching between Pathways and Segments was causing an error.
  • Postables: Fixed an issue where the social share links were no longer appearing.
  • Courseware Management: Fixed an issue with the Simple Page editor where some Users were not able to scroll down when a menu was opened.
  • Interactive Landing Pages:
    • Fixed an issue where the audio/video was appearing out of sync.
    • Fixed an issue with the alignment of the email collection / play now button when requiring an email address before continuing.
  • Media Library - Media Selector: Fixed an issue where clicking on the play/pause on the preview was not responding as expected.

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