August 4, 2023
  • 03 Aug 2023
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August 4, 2023

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Article Summary

Hello Everyone! This update is geared towards those of you who work with the more "technical" side of LightSpeed VT - from API's to E-Commerce - check out the latest updates below!

General News

Not sure which E-Commerce setup to go with? Need help choosing the right provider? Check out our helpful support articles below!

Check out this side-by-side comparsion of each platform – or for a more detailed list of features, capabilities, and limitations to help you make an informed decision, check out this article:

Which E-Commerce is Right for Me?

Updates & Fixes

API News

You can now utilize multiple API Keys independently from your main one. This can be helpful if you have different licensees, subcontractors, clients, etc that wish to utilize the API separate from your main one.

The keys can be changed, activated/deactivated and also have a set of setting restrictions associated with them. Navigate to the API Management section to check it out!

New / Updated Methods:

  • User Super User Add/Remove Locations - Add or Remove a list of Location IDs to or from a Super User.
  • Location Themes / Count - List themes that are available to be assigned to a location, retrieve the number of themes that are available to be assigned to a location.
  • Create a Location - Updated to allow you to assign a theme to the location by specifying a themeId.
  • Update a Location - Now can assign a theme to an existing location by specifying a themeId.
  • Location Data - Returns the themeId and themeName that is in use by that location
  • Locations List - Has 4 new parameters: Users that have started a Course, started a Chapter, Start date, End Date.
  • Users List - Search for Users based on their email address
  • Assignments - New endpoints for getting more information about assignments are now available.
  • Certifications - new endpoints for Certifications are now available.

E-Commerce Features

Checkout Pages: You can now allow Users to enter their VAT registration number and select the Country without requiring a full address.


We've added several new webhooks recently. Webhooks can be utilized with third party apps like Zapier to create your own reports, trigger emails, and many other things.

  • New property added to count the number of times a user signed in.
  • Fixed an issue where Location creation webhooks were not sending out "auto expire" information.
  • Chapter Result: Added a new "complete count" field here instead of being in the chapter_complete webhook as it would cause problems for existing configured events.
  • The "Force Training Completion" feature will now trigger Course completion webhooks.

Read more about webhooks here!


New "Bulk" utitiles added!

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