Create / Edit Categories
  • 07 Jul 2022
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Create / Edit Categories

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Article Summary

This section will help you create a new Category. A Category is made up of one or more Courses and/or Categories, text description and thumbnail image(s).

Okay let’s dive into Courseware Management – After you have selected your content container, you can either search and select an existing Category to edit, or Create a New Category.

Create or Edit a Category

Category Details


  1. Category Name – Required Field
    • Enter the name of the Category here. Try to keep it short and consice; under 144 characters.
  2. Category Description
    • Enter a short description of the Category that will display for users in the Training Center.
  3. Internal Description
    • This is a place for you the Content Admin to make any desired notes about this Course. The end user never sees this text.
  4. Category Image
    • Here you can enter the image path to the Category image, or choose to upload one from your local device. After you have selected an image from your local device, and hit ‘save’, the thumbnail will appear.
  5. Show Category in Training Center Root
    • A Root Category is “pinned” to the left-hand column of the Training Center, displaying it’s Assigned Content to the right. This allows users to quickly browse a larger collection of content without leaving the page.
  6. Root Category Image
    • Enter the image path or choose to upload one from your local device. The Root Category Image differs from the standard thumbnail, as it is vertical, providing more a graphical imapact for users to discover content quickly.
  7. Active – Default: Yes
    • Displays the Category and its Assigned Content in the Training Center.
  8. Rank – Default: Auto Ranks
    • The Rank is the order in which this Category will display in the training center. The lower the rank (1, 2, 3, etc.) the higher the Category will be listed in the system. Rank 1 = the very first Category. Rank 999 = the very last Category. If two or more categories are set to the same Rank, then the system will sort them alphabetically.

Warning: File Size Best Practices

LSVT does not compress or resize your images. Every time one of your users load the Training Center they will be downloading all of the visible artwork on the screen. This means you should keep the file size low, and use the correct dimensions, when uploading these thumbnails. For example, if you add a 50mb image to one of your Category tiles, the user is going to have to download that every time.



  1. Enable VT2GO
    • If toggled to “Yes” additional options will be displayed for you to configure the Category Image and Description for use in the native VT2GO mobile app. VT2GO Settings are covered here.

Assigned Content

TL;DR Assign a Course or Category to multiple other categories and rank them independently based on your preference. This way you can include the same content in multiple areas of your Training Center without having to duplicate anything.


Assigning content to a Category is quick and easy. You can add multiple Courses and Categories and rank them however you need.

To add a Course that already exists, choose “Select Course”. A popup will open listing all available Courses in your Content Container. Select the Courses you would like added to the Category and click “Assign”.


To add existing Categories, choose “Select Category”. A popup will open listing all available Categories in your Content Container. Select the Categories you would like added to the Category and click “Assign”.


Once your content has been assigned, you can then drag-n-drop to reorder or manually enter their rank.

Note: A Course must have a “Primary” Category assignment. The Course may then be added to or removed from any number of additional categories.

From the main Courseware Management page, all non-primary Categories and Courses are represented by the “shortcut” icon. This indicates the content is simply an alias of the original source. As such, you will not be able to duplicate the alias and when selecting to “Edit”, you will be managing the original source.


Important Note on Reporting:

If one Course is represented in 3 different Categories of the Training Center, the user will receive credit for completing the Course in all 3 areas. So you would not want to use this feature if your intention is for the user to retake the same Course multiple times – as once they’ve completed it, they’ll receive credit everywhere.

When you have entered all of your information, click “Save”, and now you have your Category!

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