Quick Start Guide
  • 28 Feb 2024
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Quick Start Guide

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Getting your System Launched with LightSpeed VT can take as short as a day or as long as you need. Whether you have a plan in place or you need to plan it out – this is the right place to start.

This guide will walk you through a the few basic things required to get up and running – but if you’d prefer, we have several guided tours right inside the system that will guide you step-by-step on anything you’d like to learn about.

You can access our many Guided Tours by signing into your System and clicking on the “Help Me” tab on the left side of the screen. You can also access the LightSpeed VT AI Speedy Bot and ask it any question you have!


Before You Start

Are you ready to “Train your team” ? We have a specially designed guide on that right here – check it out! It walks you through everything A to… L! Launch, that is… But I’m sure there’s a Z in there somewhere…

What is the Super User Dashboard?

The Super User Dashboard is where you’ll find all of the Admin tools you’ll need to setup and admin your System. You can access the Dashboard at any time by clicking on the Superman / Diamond icon here, atop any page:


The Super User Dashboard will act as your launching point to all of the great features LightSpeed VT has to offer.

1. Adding Your Logo and Branding Colors

To modify your Private Label Theme:

  • Navigate to the Super User Dashboard
  • Click on 102 – Private Label Management, under the Account column

You should now be on a screen that looks something like this:


To update your logo, click on “Choose File” and select an image from your computer.

To update your color scheme, scroll down on this page to the “General” section. Any change you make will be reflected in the preview box above the color selections. Click “Save” when you’re done.


You can learn more about the Private Label Manager here!

2. Adding Users

To add a user, click on the “Add User” icon in the top navigation bar and then add the user information.


Note: If you are not sure which Access Level or Content Role to assign to the user, start with “Learner” for both.

To learn more about Adding Users, visit this article here!

3. Adding Your First Course

Click HERE to download sample files to use if you don’t have your own just yet.

To add your first content, you’ll need to first upload your video(s) to the Media Library.

  • Navigate to the Super User Dashboard
  • Click on 302 – Media Library, under the Content column

Next, click on “Upload Media” and then either select the video file from your computer or you can drag and drop it into the empty space.


Once your file has uploaded, it will begin to encode to the proper formats for our platform. You do not need to wait for this to encode to continue on though – so close the window and click on “Courseware” to continue.

First we’ll need to create a Category to hold our Course.

  1. Click on New Category
  2. Only the Name of the Category is required – but for the Category and Root Category Image, you can use the ones we provided here now

Next, click “Save + Assign Courses” – that’s it for the Category, so now we’ll click on “Add New Course.”

  1. Enter your Course Name
  2. Upload new artwork for the Course Image that we provided (optional)


You’re all set! You’ve now completed the basics to getting started. Want further information? Check out how to Architect your System!

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