May 14, 2024
  • 15 May 2024
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May 14, 2024

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What's New!

🎨 Multi-Location Watchdogs: UI Update

The [406] Multi-Location Watchdogs area is the latest page to receive UI updates, check it out, and read more about Watchdogs here!

Multi-Location Watchdogs - UI Update

[406] Multi-Location Watchdogs – UI Update

Updates / Fixes

  • [402] Certification Report:
    • Fixed an issue where the 'Original Completion' date was missing from the export.
    • The 'Name' column has been updated to two separate columns, separating First and Last name. This change will provide better sorting and filtering options in the report.
    • Fixed an issue where the trophy icon was appearing even if "Enable Certificate Download" was disabled.
  • Courseware MGMT – SCORM Content:
    • Newly created SCORM content will now set the "Score by" option to both 'Completion & Success' by default. This should help alleviate any issues where you may not know which option the author of the Course chose.
    • Newly created SCORM content will also now set the "Open" content to be 'Inline (Embedded)' instead of opening in a new window.
  • Watchdogs:
    • Fixed an issue where some filters were not working as expected (such as filtering by 'Team' and isolating those results).
    • Progress Report emails will now include the Location name. This should greatly help those who receive emailed reports from many different Locations.
    • Fixed an issue where the 'Date' column was not sorting properly.
  • VT2Go: Fixed a bug where the VT2Go description text was showing up with HTML code displayed in the app.
  • File Vault:
    • Fixed an issue where Super User B privilege id 22 was not correctly applied.
    • When creating a new folder and marking it in-active, an error occurred, this has been fixed.
  • Interactive Studio:
    • We've added a new "warning" message to help prevent an error when creating interactivity where if a video is set to 'Pause (for User interaction)' and there is no interactivity configured. (If a video is set to 'Pause (for User interaction)', an interactive option/action is required, otherwise end-users will not be able to continue through the interactive Chapter).
    • Using the 'Copy' option for copying interactivity was incorrectly changing the 'Loop Back' time to a different value, this has been fixed.
  • Media Library: Fixed an issue where SCORM style content was unable to be deleted.
  • [404] Multi-Location Usage Report: We removed the warning message that stated the report was updated daily at 1am, as this is no longer accurate.

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