VT2Go: Overview

What is VT2Go?

VT2GO is the LSVT Native Mobile App – the target devices for this App are iOS iPhones, iOS iPads and Android Phones.

We have a public facing page at: vt2go.com that describes the app briefly and has links to both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Currently this Mobile App is intended to be a companion to the web application, not necessarily instead of, or to use one or the other.

Once downloaded and launched, users will sign in with their Web App login credentials. Only ACTIVE usernames will be able to successfully sign in to the Mobile App. The mobile app has been built to accommodate users with multiple profiles (and user names) at once, just as you might access two Twitter accounts from the same device – you would simply select which profile you want to utilize when launched.

There may be different/alternate content available for the Mobile App vs. the Web App, with the understanding that: “Just because it is available on the Web App, doesn’t mean it will automatically be available on the Mobile App.” Primarily, this is because not every piece of content is Mobile App-friendly. Unlike the Web App, the Mobile App isn’t capable of serving up extensive interactivity.

Updated on August 7, 2019

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