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Using LSVT Behind a Firewall

The LightSpeed VT System is a web application that is accessible around the world as long as you have an internet connection. Any restrictions for browsing certain or any parts of the web application depend on how your Internet security and firewall are setup.


Sometimes companies (places like; offices, schools, banks, etc.) have their Internet security and firewall setup to block certain sites that they don’t know about. In situations where end users are reporting odd behavior that you cannot replicate on your end; their Internet security and firewall settings are often the reason why.

Here’s the URL/domain that you can white list for all LightSpeed VT System activity:


As soon as that’s setup, all domains/subdomains that contain *.lightspeedvt.com will be whitelisted. ***NOTE – We also highly recommend disabling cache on your server/firewall as this has been known to cause issues.

Server Caching

In addition to the normal firewall settings, server caching is a feature used in some offices to store visited websites locally in the office so that it does not have to re-downloaded when a user visits the website again. For the LightSpeed VT application to work properly this needs to be disabled for *.lightspeedvt.com (LightSpeed VT Domains). If this is not disabled, it will create login or application issues.