User Creation

To create a new user, simply click on the “Add User” icon located in the header section at the top of your VT system.

From there you will be brought to the “User Management” Page where you can quickly create a user with just a handful of fields to fill out, but before you create the user, you’ll want to verify that you’re in the correct location. If you look above the “Create User” tab, the current location will be displayed.

If you would like to include more details about the user, such as middle name, job title, phone number, etc., click on the “Show Advanced Options” button.

Note: User names are unique – no two users can have the same user name.

When assigning access levels to users, keep in mind that each level has more access to different reports and features than the one below it. Here is a very quick explanation of each different level:

ID # Default Access Level Name Description
2 Top Admin This should be reserved for Top System Admins only.
3 Multi Location Overseer This is commonly for Overseers that need reporting access to more than one location.
4 Overseer This is what your internal team of “Top Admin” users will utilize
7 Learner This is typically for a standard user – this user can access all features of the platform.
10 Subscriber This is another typical standard user – this user can access all features of the platform.

You can read more about Access Level definitions here!

After you are done entering the user information and account information, you will have the option to assign content roles, premier content and or specific courses to the user.

Assign content role

After you are done entering all of the user information, account information and assigning content, click on the “Create User” button located at the bottom left corner to seal the deal and create the user.

Click "create user" button

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