The Impersonate Feature



This feature allows you to actually sign in as another user; or “impersonate” their account without having to know or change their password. This ADMIN feature is reserved for only Top Admins at your organization.

Anywhere that you search and view a user’s account, you will see this icon towards the top left corner of that section, which is the “impersonate icon.”

impersonate icon
Impersonate a User

Once clicked, you will emulate actually being “Signed In” as this user. You will see the branding and features as they would, you can navigate, take training, and do everything as if you are this user.

While you are in this “impersonate” mode, you will see the “Return To Your True Identity” icon located at the bottom left corner of the screen, by clicking that icon you will return to your previous Top Admin user account.

Impersonate a User

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