Test Questions

There are 4 types of test questions:

  • Multiple Choice
    • Multiple Choice allows you to create a standard test question with up to 6 answers, as well as create test questions with Images in them (See below for Image test questions).
  • Sorting
    • Sorting allows you to create sentences that need to be dragged and dropped into the correct order – so Answer 1 would need to go first, Answer 2 would be second, etc.
  • Matching
    • A matching test question will allow you to create a term that the user has to match to the correct definition.
  • Fill in the blank
    • Fill in the blank allows you to create a sentence that the user must fill in the correct response to answer. Note: we recommend entering multiple spellings of the correct answer, such as: Blue, blue, BLUE – in case users enter it differently (or even common mispellings… blu, or bloo)

Image Test Questions

There are two ways create a test question with an Image in it. The first way is to simply drag an image from your computer into the test question field:

The second way is to upload the image to your Media Library and then use some basic HTML.

First, enter your test question text:

Second, select the < > icon to open the HTML editor.

Inside the HTML editor, enter:

 <img src="

And then copy the link to the image from your Media Library:

Paste the link in after the first ” symbol, and then at the end of the path, add: “> to “close” it.

 <img src="https://courseware.lightspeedvt.com/files/121/BE5D7FC6A32D45C779E33CF6381A0C54/Screenshot%5F4.png">

So it would look something like this:

And then once you click the < > toggle again, you’ll see your image like this:

Updated on August 26, 2020

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