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Enabling Teams

Do you need another way to separate Users on reports within your VT system? One way is to create different locations to house certain regions, physical locations, groups, etc… But if you’d like to get more granular at a specific Location, you can achieve this by utilizing the “Teams” feature. To enable Teams for your system – sign into your System and then navigate to the following:

Super User Dashboard -> 101 – System Management -> Choose your system and then click “Select System”

From there you will be brought to the “Edit” tab where you will choose the “System Feature Toggles” drop down menu. In the System Features menu, you will see an option labeled “Show Teams”, make sure to switch this to “Yes” and also check the box to the right labeled “Use Teams Plus”.

Note: The “Use Teams Plus” feature will allow Super User Bs and Cs to assign Team Leaders and will also allow Manager Cs and above to assign people to their teams.

Note 2: When “Teams Plus” is enabled, all “Manager C” (Access Level 6) Users will automatically have a team created for them and made the leader of it upon their first sign in, UNLESS they have already been made a team leader.

This is to keep reporting data separate from each Manager C as intended with this feature.

Once you enable teams for your system, you can begin creating teams and assigning users to them. To create teams, follow the steps below.

Click on the Hamburger Menu (Slider Menu) at the top right corner of the screen

Choose “Management Tools” then “Manage Teams”

From there you will land on the “Show All Teams” tab which will show you a list of teams within your system. Click on the “Create New Team” tab to begin creating your teams.

Give your team a name and a status of active, then click “Create Team” and WUOLAH! you’ve just created a team.

After you create the team, you’ll be brought to the “Show All Teams” tab where you’ll be able to see your newly created team and all existing teams and their Users.

To add users to a team, navigate to User Management, search for a User and select them, then under “Application Settings” you may assign them to any team.

NOTE: A user can only be on one team at a time, however, if you are using the “Teams Plus” setting where each team can have a team leader, you can in fact designate the same Team Leader for multiple teams.

Updated on June 24, 2021

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