Software Quality Assurance Policies

LightSpeed VT has documented internal “Software Quality Assurance Policies” set forth which are a series of processes, methods, standards, and procedures that are used to perform the Software Quality Assurance function for the overall LightSpeed VT server environment and application code. These policies follow enterprise industry standards such as; full Development, Staging and Production environments, base unit testing, controlled release and hotfix branches, and  developer and QA workflow procedures. Features, pages, screens and UI elements are tested across multiple devices, browsers, operating system versions, and various screen sizes to follow responsive design practices, to ensure expected functionality and behavior. Areas of the LightSpeed VT application that have content managed abilities are designed to provide boundaries for reasonable control of the end result. In certain circumstances, it may be possible for an end user to insert content managed elements that may result in undesirable results if misused. Any notices of bugs, problems, questions or unexpected behaviors may be reported easily here on the LightSpeed VT “Support Site.”

Updated on June 12, 2019
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