SkillShop: How it works…

The SkillShop is a marketplace made available to all LSVT clients and end users where they can browse and purchase additional content, over and above what is already in their “Training Center” for their own individual, or business use. This marketplace is a growing collection of Content Providers and Products.

The SkillShop is located in the Training Center, in a tab on the right.

SkillShop: Training Center Tab

As you make purchases, that product in the SkillShop will change status from “Lean More” to “Purchased” and you can access that purchased content by a few different ways:

  1. Select it from the “SkillShop” once it says “Purchased.”
  2. Selecting the “My Purchases” tab to display all of the content you have purchased.
  3. Locate it under the “My Courses” tab – it will appear under your existing content.

To view your Billing History and to manage subscriptions, select the “Billing” tab under “My Profile” which is located in the “My Account” tab:

  1. Select the “My Profile” icon from the top right header navigation,
    then select your Name from the drop down list.
  2. Open the side slider navigation form the top right of the screen,
    then select “My Account” > “My Profile”.
SkillShop: Billing Info

When you make a purchase, it will indicate if that price is a “one time price” or a monthly/yearly subscription. You will see all of your “Active Subscriptions,” where you can simply select “Manage” next to each to modify the billing details for that subscription.

As you make purchases for your “Location” or Business, the purchased content will be available for all of your users at that Location; you don’t need to assign or provision it to them by way of Content Roles. The content will be located in the “Training Center” for all users and it will appear under their existing content in the “Training Center.” Only you will see it in the “My Purchases” tab in the “Training Center.”

Additionally, if you have made the purchase for your entire “VT System,” the purchased content will be available for all of your users at all of your Locations.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support team.

Updated on May 30, 2019
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