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A Sellable is a Course type that will allow you to easily create and advertise your products for sale directly within your own training center.

As a reminder, a Sellable is different than a product found in the Skillshop. Products in the SkillShop are like products in a Vending machine – typically you have no control what is in a vending machine (as LightSpeed VT’s content team handles that) – but with a Sellable you can create and add individual products for sale throughout your own Training Center.

Create a Sellable

First thing’s first – you’ll need two content roles created – One for the unlocked courses (once a user makes a purchase) and one for the locked course (i.e. your sellable course) which will advertise the product in the Training Center.

Below is an example of the naming convention used when setting up these content roles:

Name of first content role: “Mastering Social Media (Unlocked)” [id 87789]
Description: “This content role is intended for individuals who purchase “Mastering Social Media”

Name of second content role: “Mastering Social Media (Locked)” [id 33433]
Description: “This content role contains the sellable for “Mastering Social Media”

More on content roles here.

Next, you’ll need to create the sellable. To create a Sellable, navigate to Create/Edit Courseware, and then click on + New Course.

  1. Click on “Show Advanced Options” and then under “Course Type” select “Sellable Course”

After that, you’ll see a lot of new options appear on the screen. The main difference between a regular Course and a Sellable Course is the “What’s Included” and “Full Description” section.

Under “What’s Included” – you can list out high level features to give user’s an idea of what is included in this item they’re about to purchase. It can have as many rows as you’d like – simply click “+Add Item” to add a new row. On the front end, it looks like this:

The next section that is important is the “Full Description” section. As you can see from the screenshot above, you can add different font sizes, colors, styles, bullet points, embed images and even videos from youtube or your own LightSpeed ILPs.

Make sure to Include a thumbnail/course image (960x540px) and a hero image (1440x300px) as these will also be front facing to users. You can either choose to upload an image file or specify a path from an image that has already been uploaded into your Media Library.

Additionally you can add a preview video – however this part is optional.

Once you’ve added that information you’ll continue on to the “E-Commerce” section:

In this section you can add 2 different pricing options by clicking on the “Add Purchase Option” button – meaning you could put “Call for Pricing” or you could put “$299 $99 monthly!” – it’s up to you!

Otherwise, enter the price of your product in the Price Option 1 field.

From the Purchase Type drop menu select “Chargify/Custom URL”

The Purchase URL is where you’ll link to your product – this should link out to the Chargify checkout page, however, you can also link it to other checkout pages for a live event or even Amazon.

If you’re not sure what to place here, click here for more information on creating a Chargify checkout page. Once you’ve generated the checkout link, you’ll need to add a few more extra parameters in order for the sellable to recognize that the user already has an existing account within the system. For assistance with setting up this hookme link please contact LSVT Support at [email protected].

NOTE: Make sure that your product is configured correctly to add the proper content roles that will be assigned and un-assigned after a purchase has been made.

Here, users will be assigned content role id “87789” which will give them access to the unlocked content for “Mastering Social Media” and then un-assigned content role id “33433” which will remove the sellable course from their viewing.

After you’ve completed the E-Commerce section, you can adjust some additional settings by publishing the Course just as you would a normal Course by assigning its proper content role(s) and/or location(s). In this case, you would assign the sellable course to the “Locked” content role that was created in the earlier steps above.

Now, all that’s left is to test it out! Things may look slightly different, but below is an example of how that might look in the Training Center:

You’ll notice a blue price tag that appears in the upper left of the course card (this helps to distinguish the sellable courses apart from the standard courses) Click on it, and that should take you to the purchase page which should appear like the following:

Upon clicking on any of the call to action buttons, you should be redirected to the Chargify checkout page. Immediately you’ll see that the sellable is working as intended when the user’s name and registered email address auto-populates. This is the expected behavior for any sellable course type, as you don’t want the system to create duplicate accounts for the same user with every purchase.

Fill out the Payment Info section, click on “Checkout”, and that should redirect you back to the Training Center with access to all unlocked content pertaining this product.

For questions or assistance, please contact LSVT Support at [email protected].

Updated on May 6, 2021

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