Chargify Sellable Course Type


A Sellable is a Course type that will allow you to easily create and advertise your products for sale directly within your own training center.

As a reminder, a Sellable is different than a product found in the Skillshop. Products in the SkillShop are like products in a Vending machine – typically you have no control what is in a vending machine (as LightSpeed VT’s content team handles that) – but with a Sellable you can create and add individual products for sale throughout your own Training Center.

Create a Sellable

To create a Sellable, navigate to Create/Edit Courseware, and then click on + New Course.

  1. Click on “Show Advanced Options” and then under “Course Type” select “Sellable Course”

After that, you’ll see a lot of new options appear on the screen. The main difference between a regular Course and a Sellable Course is the “What’s Included” and “Full Description” section.

Under “What’s Included” – you can list out high level features to give user’s an idea of what is included in this item they’re about to purchase. It can have as many rows as you’d like – simply click “+Add Item” to add a new row. On the front end, it looks like this:

The next section that is important is the “Full Description” section. As you can see from the screenshot above, you can add different font sizes, colors, styles, bullet points, embed images and even videos from youtube or your own LightSpeed ILPs.

Once you’ve added that information you’ll continue on to the “E-Commerce” section:

In this section you can add 2 different pricing options. The “Price Option” field is a Text field – meaning you could put “Call for Pricing” or you could put “$299 $99 monthly!”

The Purchase URL is where you’ll link to your product – this typically is linked to a checkout page you’ve created through Chargify or Stripe – however you can also link it to other checkout pages like for a live event or even Amazon.

If you’re not sure what to place here, click here for more information on setting up Chargify and Stripe for your VT System.

Once you’ve completed the E-Commerce section, you can adjust some additional settings and then publish the Course just as you would a normal Course – it can be made visible to all of your users, at all of your Locations, or you can narrow it down to a specific Content Role or Location – it’s up to you!

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