Adding PayPal Subscriptions

LightSpeedVT now offers PayPal as a payment option for you customers. In order to enable PayPal, you must have a Chargify integration in place. PayPal will use the LSVT checkout page (integrated with Chargify) to process payments. To begin using PayPal just follow the instructions below.

Step 1 – Obtain API Client ID and Secret Key

Log into your PayPal account and enable developer mode, then obtain your API Keys.

Under “My Apps and Credentials” toggle the setting to “Live”, then below that click “Create App”. The name can simply be set to “LightSpeed VT Integration” , since it will be used only for transactions to LSVT.

After that, you’ll be presented with an API Client ID and Secret Key, copy and paste these two pieces of information into the Chargify Checkout page settings.

Next, navigate to the checkout page that you’d like to use with PayPal and paste in the API Client ID and Client Secret Key into the respective fields under the “PayPal Account” section.

Step 2 – Webhook

Next, you’ll add the webhook endpoint to Paypal. The endpoint url is

The XX is the “data id” of the checkout page that you want to integrate with PayPal. You can get the data id by navigating to the checkout page that you’d like to enable PayPal for and the data id will be in the url. So in this instance, the webhook endpoint would look like this.

After you plug in the correct id, you’ll want to add the webhook endpoint to your PayPal account.

When you add the webhook, you’ll want to check the box next to the following Event Types

  • Billing subscription activated
  • Billing subscription cancelled
  • Billing subscription expired
  • Billing subscription re-activated
  • Billing subscription renewed
  • Billing subscription suspended

Step 3 – Configuring PayPal Subscriptions

To set up subscriptions in PayPal, you’re going to navigate to the “Get Paid” section and click on “Subscriptions”.

Next, you’ll be provided step by step instructions to follow.

Create the subscription product, you’ll need to provide the product name and product type, all other fields are optional.

Choose the subscription product that you created.

Now, create the subscription plan by choosing “Fixed Pricing”, quantity pricing is currently not available.

Next, provide the price of the subscription and the billing frequency.

After you’re done filling all of the subscription info, save the plan and then tun it on.

Enter your Client ID and click “Generate Code”.

After the code is generated, click “Go to Subscriptions” and copy the “Plan ID”.

Paste the ID into the product settings for corresponding chargify product in the LSVT checkout page product area.

Be sure to click save at the bottom of the page after you’ve pasted in the subscription id.

The Checkout Process

There is the option to show Paypal as the only payment option, and bypass Chargify fields altogether.

In the checkout page URL, add the parameter chargify and set its value to 0


After you’ve pasted the Subscription ID to the product settings, a PayPal button will appear at the bottom of the checkout page for that product.

When the user clicks on the PayPal option, they will be asked to sign into their PayPal account and given the opportunity to choose a card that they have on file with Paypal.

After the customer clicks the “Agree & Subscribe” button, the transaction will be processed. After a successful payment, they will be brought to the last step of the checkout process, where they can create their user account within LSVT.

Updated on December 7, 2021

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