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A One-Time Passcode (OTP) verification provides an extra layer of security for the completion of critical training. Whether you need to ensure the “real” John Smith is completing his Certification, or your employees require Managerial Review for completion, OTP can be easily added to new or existing courseware.

It works the same as a Chapter part – you simply select your Manager from a drop-down list of available Managers and it will send them a text message with a verification number. 

Once the Manager receives the text, they can text, email or call the User to give them the code.

This also works for Users without Management oversight – the User will be required to enter their own Cell phone number and receive a verification code in order to complete their training.

Example: Manger Verification Required

How To Use OTP

The One-Time Passcode feature may be used at any Chapter level. First, be sure to select a Standard or Video Only chapter type. Then, simply paste one of the following URLs within the “Video Path”:

Self (Learner) Verification

Require a Learner to receive SMS verification for Course/Chapter Completion:


Manager Verification

Require Learner to request a Manager Verification for Course/Chapter Completion:


Paste either Manager or Learner Verification link in the Video Path of a Chapter Part

OTP – Photo Verification

A One-Time Passcode (OTP) verification can also be done through a webcam or an uploaded picture of the user. You could even ask the user to hold up an ID card and take a picture to prove their identity.

Just like the one above, it works the same as a Chapter part – you simply give the browser permission to use your webcam, and then snap a picture.

Photo Verification

Once the picture is saved, the user can move on to the next section.

View Photo Submissions

The picture can be found under “My Report Card” or for Managers, “Report Cards” – navigate to the Course and Chapter where the photo verification lives and you will see the photo there.

Photo Verification: Report Card

How to Use Photo Verification

To use the Photo verification version of the One Time Passcode, be sure to select a Standard or Video Only chapter type. Then, simply paste the following URL in the “Video Path”:


Note: Your Training Center must have SSL Enabled in order for users to enable Camera Access. Please contact Client Care if you require assistance.

Updated on September 8, 2021

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