My Report Card

This report allows you to track your own progress and see what categories, courses and chapters you have completed.

Report Filters

The report filters section allows you to set filters on your search, these filters include:

  • Users: You will only be able to view yourself
  • Date Range: Allow you to pick a certain time frame to see when the courses were completed
  • Course Status: This drop down menu gives you five options to choose from:
    • Complete & In Progress
    • Not Started Only
    • In Progress Only
    • Completed Only
    • All

In the section below, you will see the name of the Categories and Courses that you have completed. The “Progress” column reflects how many chapters have been completed in each course.

Clicking on a Course name will provide a breakdown of each Chapter and its status, along with access to any previously submitted files or text responses associated with it.

My Report Card - Files Submitted
Example of File(s) Submitted.
Example of Text Input (Open-Ended, Essay)
Updated on February 28, 2022

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