LSVT To ClickFunnels

Sending Data From Lightspeed VT to ClickFunnels

These are the steps to send data from Lightspeed VT to Clickfunnels when events occur within your system, such as an user creation or an user update. It can update the user information in Clickfunnels for marketing or follow up purposes. If you are not sure what Zapier is, or how it can be utilized, please read about it here.

Things you will need:

Step 1

Click the “Make a Zap!” button to get started.

Make a zap

Step 2

To send data to Clickfunnels, your LightSpeed VT account will do the triggering. Use the search box to find LightSpeed VT form the list of available triggers or click on the app if it is already available within the “Your Apps” section.

Choose a trigger app

Step 3

The next step is to select the triggering event. “User Created” or “User Updated” are the 2 current options.  Once you have chosen which trigger you would like to use, you can click “Save + Continue”.

Step 4

You will be prompted to connect your LightSpeed VT account to Zapier. Click “Connect“.

connect lsvt

A new pop up window will appear, requesting your LightSpeed VT API/Zapier credentials.

Enter lsvt zapier credentials

You can retrieve the needed credentials from the “Zapier Credentials” section in the LightSpeed VT API control panel.

Once you enter the credentials and click “Yes, Continue”, you will be taken to a confirmation screen.

Step 5

Press “Save + Continue“, then click on “Fetch & Continue“. It will now test the connection and load the test data.

Test connection

If successful, it will return a confirmation screen. Just click “Continue“.

Step 6

You are now in the “Action” phase of the setup process. Search for “Clickfunnels” in the “Choose an Action App” section

Pick an action app

Step 7

Select the desired action from the list of ClickFunnels actions and click “Save + Continue“.

Step 8

Just as you did earlier with your LightSpeed VT account, you need to connect your ClickFunnels account to Zapier. Unless you already connected your ClickFunnels account. Press the “Connect an Account

connect clickfunnels account

and enter your ClickFunnels credentials in the popup.

Login to clickfunnels

Once you have entered your information, you can close the pop up window and return to the main window.

click “Save + Continue”

Step 9

Now you will set up the template, adding the LightSpeed VT fields into the new Clickfunnels contact.

Press the drop down button to show the list of available fields and select them from the list:

select data from drop down.

After this step is complete, press ‘Continue’ at the bottom.

It will show a preview of the test data in the next step based on the template you set up in the previous step. Review this and press Send Test To Clickfunnel’ when done.

Once the test is complete, review it in Clickfunnels and press ‘Finish’ in Zapier.

Send test data to clickfunnels

Name your Zap and turn it on. The integration is now complete.

Zap finished, name the zap and turn it on.
Updated on July 2, 2019

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