Location Content Report

The Location Content Report allows you to drill down into specific Categories and Courses to find the data you need. This is called the “Location” Content Report so as to not be confused by the Content Report that can be found on the Super User Dashboard. (That report is multi-location and slightly different.)

To access this report, navigate to the Location where you’d like to view the report, and then open the Slider menu and click on the Reports section, and then on the Location Content Report.

  • Select the date range and the Category or Categories you’d like to view the report for, and then click on “View Selected” at the bottom of the screen.

Here you can start to see results for each Course in the Category, based on the date range you selected:

  • To drill down further, select which Course or Courses you’d like more information on – then you can either view the Chapters for those Courses to drill down even further, or you can view a top level report of the courses.

The further drilldown will show you a screen like this:

Selecting one of the Chapters and clicking View Selected at the bottom will give you details on which users Passed or Failed the Chapter, and what their test Score is.

If you opted to view the top level view of the Course, then you’ll see each user’s progress, how much they’ve completed and other information.

On this final screen, you can further filter the results by date range, user status, team, and more.

Updated on August 19, 2019

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