Interactivity Report

With the Interactivity Report you can now quickly find all of your Courseware with Interactive Results under one centralized location. Simply find the Course, set your date range and view/export all of the results from each Interactive Chapter – see the unique responses for each question by User, Location, Date and Time.

How to Access the Report

You can access the Interactivity Report from two areas:

  1. From the Training Center or Courseware Management, select the Course Report icon – the Interactive Results will be linked at the bottom.
  2. From the Super User Dashboard under Reports, select 411 Interactivity Report
Super User Dashboard: 411 Interactivity Report


The main admin dashboard for the Interactivity Report displays all of the Courseware (from your current Content Container) that contains Interactive content. You can use the search filter to locate a Course by its Name, Chapter Name, ID or keyword.

Interactivity Reports: Admin Dashboard

Select a Course to view its Interactive Results.

Interactive Results


By default, Interactive Results from the last 30 days are displayed. You can update the date range as needed and/or export all results to an Excel spreadsheet.

From the dropdown selection, you can choose which Chapter to view. All of the Questions captured in the Chapter are displayed below in the graph, but you may choose to jump directly to a specific question by selecting it from the dropdown.

Interactive Report: Utilities

Unique Responses

Each Question for a specific Chapter is broken down by the responses captured. The graph provides an at-a-glance view of the popular results selected by Users.

Below the graph, you can view and filter the individual results. Each event is captured by Date, Time, First Name, Last Name, Email, Response and Location.

Interactivity Report: Unique Responses
Updated on July 29, 2019
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