Hubspot to LSVT

Sending Data From Hubspot to LightSpeed VT

This section will set up an integration to add or update users in LightSpeed VT from contacts in Hubspot. Before going through this process please refer to the support article here if you haven’t set up Zapier and Webhooks inside your LightSpeed VT System:


Things you will need:

  • An account with LightSpeed VT
  • An integrated Zapier account (See Link above)
  • A Hubspot account

Once that is complete, Click the ‘Make a Zap!” button to get started.

To send data from Hubspot to LightSpeed, Hubspot will be the trigger.

Search for Hubspot in the ‘Choose an Trigger App’ section:

Choose hubspot as trigger app

Next you will choose a trigger, this is the action that starts the process. You will probably use either ‘New Contact’ or ‘New Contact in List’.

Choose action for trigger app

Then press ‘Save + Continue’.

Next you will need to connect your Hubspot account to Zapier, Press the ‘Connect an Account’ and enter your Hubspot credentials in the popup.

Press ‘Save + Continue’

Hubspot will now pull in sample data for testing, be sure you have at least one contact in Hubspot and press the ‘Fetch & Continue’ button.

Once the test is successful press the ‘Continue’ button, you are now ready to set up the action.

Send connection test to Hubspot

In the action section, we will now need to set up the LightSpeed VT Integration, Choose LightSpeed VT from the ‘Choose an Action App’ section.

Choose action step

Press ‘Continue’

Next you will choose the action, you will probably be using Create a user, you can also update user by ID or User Name, but you will need the exact value from LightSpeed VT.

Choose "create user" for action step

Choose the action, then press ‘Save + Continue’.

Next you will need to connect your LightSpeed account to Zapier. You will need the credentials from the ‘Zapier Credentials’ section in the LightSpeed API control panel.

LSVT Zapier credentials

In Zapier hit the ‘Connect an Account’ button, a popup will ask you for the information above. Enter the information and hit ‘Yes, Continue’

Enter LSVT Zapier credentials

Once the connection has been set up, press ‘Save + Continue’

The next step is to set up the template for the user account in LightSpeed VT. Press the button to show a list of available fields for the user account values. Fill out all required fields.
You can enter text and/or available field data in these fields
Note: Username must be unique, so values for first name or last name will probably not work. Recommended is to use something like ‘CompanyName_’ then first_last name or possibly email address (as long as they don’t have another LightSpeed VT account) to ensure unique values.

Choose data for template

Be sure to set up the Access Level, Location, and Content Role fields to ensure the user can log in and see your content.

Choose data for template

Once that is complete, press the ‘Continue’ button.

This will bring up the review and testing, review the fields, the press the ‘Send Test to LightSpeed VT.Paragraph

If the test is complete, you should be all set, check in LightSpeed VT to ensure the new user is created correctly.

If everything is good, go back to Zapier, and press ‘Finish’

Name your Zap and turn it on. The link is now complete.

Zap finished, give it a name and turn it on.
Updated on July 2, 2019

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