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Chargify Email Template Setup

In order set up e-mail templates, we will need the following information:

1. Signup Email Settings

From: {{from_address}}

Subject: Welcome to {{product_name}}


Hello {{name}},You’ve signed up for {{product_family}} ({{product_name}}).
{% if return_url %}
Now that you’re all signed up, head over to {{return_url}}.
{% endif %}


2. Receipt Email Settings

From: {{from_address}}

Subject: Receipt for your purchase of {{product_name}}


Dear {{name}}You were just charged {{payment.amount}} for {{product_name}}.{% if balance_in_cents > 0 %}
The outstanding amount for your subscription is ${{balance}}.
{% endif %}


3. Card Expiration Email Settings

From: {{from_address}}

Subject: Your credit card on file is about to expire


Dear {{name}},Your credit card {{masked_card_number}} is set to expire in {{days_until_card_expiration}} day(s).Please visit {{update_url}} to update your card.


4. Variable Definitions

Emailed receipts can say whatever you’d like. Before sending the email, Chargify will replace the following keywords dynamically:

  • {{from_address}}
    • this will be replaced with [email protected] if left as {{from_address}} though any valid email address will do.
  • {{name}}
    • the name of your customer. e.g. Bill Williams
  • {{payment.amount}}
    • the amount just paid, formatted in your currency
  • {{product_price}}
    • the recurring price of the subscription’s current product
  • {{product_name}}
    • the name of the product. e.g. Basic Plan
  • {{balance_in_cents}}
    • the amount, if any, they still owe. e.g. 0 (for $0.00) or 23100 (for $231.00) Useful for conditionally adding a reminder.
  • {{balance}}
    • the amount, if any, they still owe in dollars. e.g. $0.00 or $2.31
  • {{merchant_name}}
    • your merchant name. e.g. Client Name

Chargify Emails

For help with Chargify email settings and configuration click here.

Updated on September 11, 2019

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