Create / Edit Chapters

Once a user clicks into a Course, they may select a Chapter of their choice, unless you changed the toggle to require them to take the chapters in order.

Course may have as many Chapters as needed. Each Chapter may consist of multiple Chapter parts. Each Chapter part consists of either an .m3u8 Playlist (for Adaptive Streaming) or an .mp4 file (for Progressive).

  • A Chapter may consist of:
    • Training parts and a Chapter test.
    • Training parts and no test.
    • Only a test.

A chapter with a test can be followed by a “Recap”. A “Recap” can be text or video, that will play if the user fails to pass the test. This is optional, however it is recommended you include this for each chapter. (In some scenarios, if you have a 10 minute chapter, and the user fails the test, it is a better user experience to have the user review a brief recap, 1-2 minutes, rather than go through the entire 10 minute video again).

Courseware Management - Recap

Chapter creation is unique from Categories and Courses in which you can only “Create New Chapter”while editing an existing course. The “Chapters” section will become active after you have saved and created your course.

Create/Edit Chapter: Basic Info

First decide which type of chapter this is. There are 4 basic types:

  1. Standard (Video and Test)
  2. Test Only
  3. Video Only (with Auto Advance)
  4. Video Only (with Summary)

We will discuss each in detail below.

Courseware Management - Chapter Details

Begin by filling The Rank, Chapter Name and Chapter Type. Pay special attention to the warning messages here, they’re very important to be able to navigate further:

  1. Rank
    • The Rank is the order in which this chapter will display. The lower the rank (1, 2, 3, etc.) the higher the chapter will be listed. Rank 1 = the very first chapter. Rank 999 = the very last chapter. The system will populate a default rank 1 higher than the previous chapter automatically.
  2. Chapter Name
    • Enter the name of the chapter here.
  3. Chapter Type:
    • Standard (Video and Test)
    • Test Only
    • Video Only (with Auto Advance)
    • Video Only (with Summary)
  4. Show “default” test summary Navigation buttons
    • In chapter type 1, 2 and 4, you have the option to show or hide the automatic navigation buttons. If set to yes, navigation buttons will appear on the test summary screen directing the user to either move on to the next course, or visit the course menu to select new content.

This friendly warning you may have seen already, but it’s there to remind you to save your work!

This friendly note is letting you know that you must SAVE the chapter before adding any test questions. (You can’t add test questions to something that doesn’t exist! By saving the chapter, you are “creating” it in our database, and therefore we have something to attach the test questions to.)

You can see here the “Test Settings” section is grayed out. As soon as you hit Save it will be accessible!

Let’s take a closer look at the different chapter types.

Chapter: Standard (Video and Test)

In a Standard chapter type, the chapter must have at least 1 video part and at least 1 test question.

If you’ve already uploaded and encoded your video file, you can add that now by clicking on “+ Add Chapter Part” and selecting the file path from your Media Library.

Courseware Management - Chapter Details
  1. + Add Chapter Part
    • Click on the “Select From Library” button and select a video to add to this chapter.

Note: We limit this “Select from Library” to your last 100 files uploaded – if you have an older file to add, open the Media Library in a new tab, search for your file, and copy the link from there.

If you’re still waiting for your files to upload and encode, you can come back to this section at any time and add your chapter part.

You’ll notice now that we saved, the “Test Settings” link is no longer grayed out.

We still cannot activate this chapter until we add at least 1 test question!

Note: We will be continuing with this section as if you already have a video ready to add to this Chapter. If you still need to upload and encode your video file(s), please check out our section on the Media Library for tips and best practices.

Chapter: Summary Info

Courseware Management - Summary Info
  1. Test Instructions / Setup (This screen is displayed before the user starts the test)
    • Enter the test instruction text the user will see before starting the test.
  2. Test Summary (Passed Test) (This is seen upon test completion)
    • Enter the test summary for when the user passes the test. This could be the default message, or if it’s the last chapter of a course you could direct the user to the next training content, or even add supplemental information such as a PDF download or link to a 3rd party site.
  3. Test Summary (Failed Test) (This is seen upon test completion)
    • Enter the test summary for when the user fails the test. This could be the default message, or words of encouragement, or hints as to how to pass the test, or anything really.

We also make available “Default Text” options in case you are unsure what to put here.

Chapter: VT2GO Settings

VT2GO settings are covered HERE.

Chapter: Test Settings

In order to access the additional test settings we must enter our first test question. Currently the only available test type is “Standard” which is Multiple Choice. More test types are coming soon!

Courseware Management - Test Settings
  1. Test Type – Default: Standard
    • Your options here are: Standard.
  2. Add Question
    • Add a question – there are 4 test question types
      • Multiple Choice
      • Sorting
      • Matching
      • Fill in the Blank

Create Question

  1. Question Active – Default: Yes
    • This is a simple toggle – this will default to yes. If you need to later turn this Question off you can do so here, or on the previous screen.
  2. Question Type
    1. Multiple Choice – this is your standard multiple choice test question.
    2. Sorting – this allows you to drag and drop sentences into the correct order.
    3. Matching – this allows you to match a term to a definition.
    4. Fill in the blank – this allows you to create a fill in the blank test question type
  3. Question Rank
    • This field will increase in rank for each test question you add. It is only used when the chapter toggle “Pull Questions in Order by Rank” is set to “Yes”. Otherwise it will still randomize all of your test questions even if a rank is displayed.
  4. Question
    • This is where you enter the test question text.
  5. Question Timer – Default: 60
    • Here you can set, in seconds, how long the question timer should be. We default the timer to 60 seconds. You may go as high as 999 seconds (which is about 16-17 minutes). If you enter “0” in the field, it will remove the timer altogether.
  6. Answer Options (Select which answer is correct by checking the box)
    • Answer A is for the first possible test question answer. Answer B is the second option, and down the line to F. There can be 6 possible answers, but you are only required to use a minimum of 2.
  7. Display Correct or Incorrect Answer Graphic – Default: Checked
    • These checkboxes will be selected by default. If this is unchecked, after a user answers a test question, the “Correct” and “Incorrect” graphic pop-ups will not be active. Note: These must be checked in order for the text or video answer response action to appear.
  8. Response Action – Default: None
    • This drop-down box is where you can setup an answer response. You can either select a video response or a text response. If a video response is selected, then you can select that video from your library. If Text is selected, then you will enter your text answer response in the Response Text field.

Test Settings

Courseware Management - Test Settings

After you have created your first question, navigate back to the “Test Settings” tab and you can now view and modify the additional settings.

  1. Number of Test Questions – Default: 1
    • Enter the number of test questions that will be pulled for this chapter. If you enter a number here smaller than the total number of test questions active, then the system will randomly select that number from that “pool” of available questions. For example – if there are 10 active test questions for this chapter, and the number of test questions is set to 5, each time a user takes the test it will randomly serve up 5 of the 10 total questions.
  2. Test Pass Percentage – Default: 100
    • Enter the minimum test percentage a user must receive in order to pass the test and move on to the next chapter.
  3. Question Sort Order – Default: Random
    • Randomize the questions: This will pull all of the test questions randomly.
    • Pull Questions in Order By Rank: This will pull all of the test questions in order by rank, and no longer serve them up randomly.
  4. Fail Test on Incorrect – Default: No
    • Setting this to “Yes” will cause the user to fail the test on ANY missed question – rather than allowing them to complete the entire test first.
  5. Show Test Stats – Default: Yes
    • This toggle will show or hide the test stats before and after the test. This is often used with the Survey test types.
  6. Recap
    • If you add a recap, and the user fails the test, then the user will be prompted to take the recap before taking the test again. If they then fail the test a second time, they will have to take the training from the beginning of the chapter again.

Once you have added as many test questions as you need, remember now to activate your chapter and move on to the final activation steps!

Chapter: Test Only

In a Test Only chapter type, the chapter will have no video parts, and at least 1 test question.

Courseware Management - Test Only

You will see that once you change the Chapter Type, the screen changes slightly. You no longer have the option to add a video to this chapter – as it is a test only.

Chapter: Video Only (Auto Advance)

In a Video Only chapter type, the chapter will only have a video part, and no Summary or Test Question options.

Courseware Management - Video Only Auto-Advance

A chapter set to Auto Advance will automatically begin playing the next chapter once it is done.
Warning: Your final chapter of your course CAN NOT be set to this chapter type, or it will cause an error. The system will have nothing to auto advance to once the course is completed!

Chapter: Video Only (Summary)

Courseware Management - Video Only Summary

This is similar to the option above, however in this case you can add a Summary to give the user additional information, direct them to another area of the system, or to simply say congratulations before they move on to the next chapter.

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