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Create a Live Event Stream – Zoom

Below you’ll find all of the steps and information on how to set up a live event stream using Zoom!

If you have a live event coming up, we will alert all Users with access to the event in the Megaphone (located in the top navigation header). Two types of notifications are automatically triggered:

  • Starting Soon: Triggers 30 minutes prior to the event start time.
  • Now Live: Triggers at the event start time.

Set up your Live Event with Zoom (External Version)

Check out the tutorial below for a guide on how to quickly set up Zoom for live event streaming, how to assign or alert your users that a live event is coming up, and how to archive the meeting afterwards!

Step by Step guide

Your first step is to set up your Zoom meeting and grab the “Join Zoom Meeting” URL – it’ll look something like this:

Join Zoom Meeting

Next, navigate to Create/Edit Courseware, create a new Course and change the Course Type to “Live Event” (If you do not see this, click on the “show advanced options” button.)

Select “Zoom (External)” under the “Streaming Service” drop-down, and then paste your link in.

Finally, complete the setup and set the event date.

Assign and Publish the Course as you would a normal Course – by using the “Assign & Publish” section – where you can simply select the Content Roles and Locations where this will be available.

In the Training Center, it will look like this to your end users:

After selecting “Join Event” a new window will open and connect the user to the Zoom event (This is why we label this the “Exernal” version).

Once the event is over, the User will receive credit for attending the event on their report card, and it will be indicated on the Course with a green check mark:

If you’d like to track attendance, you can even use the Assigned Training tool to assign the Live Event Course to whomever you’d like – then after the event is over, you can check the Assigned Training report to see who tuned in.

Set up your Live Event with Zoom (Internal)

The Zoom “Internal” option allows you to set up a Live Event with Zoom, where when the meeting launches, no new tabs or windows will open – the User will remain in the Training Center and join the Zoom meeting from there.

Once the host ends the meeting, or the User leaves the meeting, they will receive credit for completing the Course.

They will be given the same audio and screen sharing options as a regular Zoom meeting – but they will need to grant their device web browser permission to use the microphone or camera once asked.

Update: An update was added for “System Detection” when using this Internal option – what this means is now if a User is trying to access Zoom on a device that is not supported, we will detect that and open an External Zoom app for them automatically. Previously if Internal did not support a device, it would error.

We support all devices that Zoom allows – if a device isn’t supported it is because they are not supporting it yet.

What’s The Difference Between External and Internal Zoom?

Pros and Cons




  • Not much to hassle with, easy setup and works just like a regular Zoom call.
  • Users who have access to the Training Center can join the meeting without needing to know the password – but outside users will not be able to.
  • Users cannot share the meeting link
  • Users never leave the Training Center
  • No software or external Zoom app needs to be running**


  • Users could share the meeting link once it launches, which means Users who are not a part of your Training System may gain access
  • Some mobile devices are not supported by Zoom, and therefore we are unable to support them. However if a User connects to the meeting on an unsupported device, we will still open the regular Zoom app and allow them to connect.
  • Low quality – for some reason Zoom only allows 360p in the Internal version
  • “Grid View” is not supported on the internal version

Note: For this initial phase – on desktop – IE/Edge is not supported. If you are using a Mac with Safari you will need to call in instead of using computer audio, and mobile devices using iOS are currently not supported.

Additional note: The internal version only supports up to 360p quality, and “Grid view” is not available.

These are not items we can control in the internal version and are reliant on Zoom to make these updates. However, they are making updates fairly often, so please check back here for updates as additional support is added.

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