Course Report

The Course Report allows you to check training progress of all Users and Locations from one simple to read page. To access it, find any Course you’d like from either Courseware Management or the Training Center, and select the Report icon.


Below the Course Title, you have the options to select specific Date Range and filter by User Status. By default, we will automatically load the Report set to the past 30 days and show only Active Users.

Course Report: Utilities

Progress Overview

Under Progress Overview, you can quickly glance at a rollup of all activity during the selected date range. See how many Users have Completed, are currently In-Progress and how many have Not Started the Course.

Course Report: Progress Overview


If a Course is active at (and you have access to) multiple Locations, you can quickly see how each Location is progressing across the selected date range.

To the left of the graph, the top 5 Locations are listed by order of Completion. Selecting a Location will update the graph on the right and display across the date range activity based on Completion, In-Progress and Not Started.

Additional Locations and their progress can be viewed by selecting “View All” or “Export”.

Course Report: Locations


The top 10 Chapters completed are listed for quickly reviewing User Pass and Fail attempts. You may also choose to select “View All” or “Export” to see statistics on any remaining Chapters.

Course Report: Chapters


For quick review, the top 10 Users are listed based on individual progress. Select “View All” or “Export” to see the complete statistics for all Users who have access to this Course during the selected date range.

Course Report: Users

Interactive Results

If any of the Chapters within the Course contain interactivity, then a link to the Interactive Report will appear at the bottom of the report so you can view the results.

Course Report: Interactive Results

Files Submitted

Any User Submission chapter type within a Course are additionally grouped below for a quick glance at total submissions. Drill down by selecting the Chapter name where you can then search, filter and view all user submissions, based on selected date ranges.

Course Report - Files Submitted
Total Files Submitted by Chapter
File Upload
Text Input (Open-ended, Essay)


When Require Admin-Review is enabled, each Users Submission is placed in a “Pending” state until an Admin/Manager has manually marked the submission Pass or Fail.

Course Report: User Submission with Admin Review

When selecting Fail, it is required to provide a message which will notify the User as to why and how they may correct the issue(s) in order to resubmit for approval. The Course Report (along with the Users’ Report Card) will be time stamped with who and when the submission was marked Fail.

Course Report: Request Resubmission

Selecting Pass will optionally provide an opportunity to include a message and will notify the User that their Report Card has been successfully marked Complete. This Course Report and Users’ Report Card will be time stamped with who and when the submission was marked Pass.

Course Report: Approve Submission
Updated on September 6, 2022
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