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Connecting A User Account To A Chargify Subscription

LightSpeed VT makes it easy to connect a user’s account to a subscription in Chargify. The first thing you’ll need to do is navigate to the Super User Dashboard and click “Manage All Users” located underneath the “Users [200]” column.

Once you’re in the “Manage All Users” section, you’ll want to search for the user that you want to connect the Chargify subscription to.

When you select the user’s account, the user id will be displayed in the url directly after “GUserID=”. You’ll want to copy the user id so you can plug it into the customer’s account in Chargify.

Next, click the Chargify tab to the right.

From there you’ll see the “Add New Chargify Billing Record” section, this is where you can plug in the information from Chargify

  • Subscription ID: The Chargify subscription id.
  • Customer ID: The Chargify ID.
  • Subscription Status: In trial, Active, Expired, Canceled, etc..
  • Purchase Type: Individual Purchase, Location Purchase, Content Purchase.
  • Create Date: The date that the subscription was created.

Next, you’ll want to open a new tab in your browser and go over to Chargify so we can grab the Subscription ID and Chargify ID. When you log into Chargify you’ll want to navigate to the “Subscriptions” tab located below the “Billing” drop down menu.

Choose the subscription that you’d like to tie to the LSVT user’s account

From there you can copy the Subscription ID and paste it into the “Add New Chargify Billing Record” section of the users LSVT account.

Next, you’ll need to get the Chargify ID as well, you can do that buy clicking the customer’s name which will take you to the Customer’s Account.

After you’ve added the Subscription ID, Chargify ID and other relevant info to the user’s LSVT account and click save, you’ll see the information saved below in the “Chargify Billing Records” section

Next, you’ll want to grab the user id (from LightSpeed VT) and paste it into the “Reference ID (Your App)” section in the customer’s Chargify account. You can do this by clicking the “Actions” drop down menu and choosing “Edit”.

After you’ve pasted the LSVT user id into Chargify’s “Reference ID” field, click save and that’s it, you’re all done. You have successfully connected a Chargify subscription to a LSVT user account, from here on out, the automation between LSVT and Chargify will take effect.

Updated on August 5, 2020

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