Checkout Page Parameters

After you create a checkout page and configure your products, you can begin sending the checkout page link to potential customers. Sometimes you may want to pass additional data to the checkout page in order to customize the checkout experience, this can be done by passing certain parameters in the url. Here is a list of parameters that you can use with our checkout pages.

dataIdintchargify form id (from webservices settings)
intlocation id
langstringsets user’s language – use code
pfintchargify product family id
pstringchargify product handle
cpnstringcoupon code
subcpn=1intcreate 1 time subcode from main cod
afidintaffiliate id
refstringfor tracking sales person
direct=1intno CC required for existing customer (one-click purchase)
cpstringcontent Package, specify a list of product handles that will display content options to add when purchasing a system.
cpsstringcontent Package Selected, will pre check the content packages by default when loading page.
pppintfor product price point id
ppintprice point id
postBackURLstringset return parameter to user’ lsvt login url (redirect)
chargifyintSet to 0 to hide Chargify fields and only show Paypal as payment option when Paypal is configured


In this example we are passing in the dataId, location id, Chargify product handle, coupon code and redirect url, which it the url that users will go to after they complete the checkout process. All parameters will need to be placed after “checkout.aspx?” and each parameter will be separated by an ampersand symbol ( & ).

Prefill Parameters

You can also prefill the checkout page form fields by using the parameters below

first or inf_field_FirstNamestringFirst Name
last or inf_field_LastNamestringLast Name
email or inf_field_EmailstringEmail
phone1intphone number
phone2intphone number


In this example, we’re passing in the first name, last name and email to the url.[email protected]

Updated on December 7, 2021

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