Chargify Abandonment

When a user is using one of our Chargify checkout pages to purchase a product and the below is true:

  1. User is creating a new account
  2. LSVT system has “Create User Account After Checkout Process” checked in webservices for that page (See below).  This option will make the signup a two-step/two-page process.
  3. User has passed the first page but never created a user on the second page

In this special case scenario the users email from the first page will be used to create an account with a prefix of “ch_” as a username, and then emailed with a password after 10 minutes.  That user will then need to log in with that account information and alter their username as well as password as they see fit.  A change of password is mandatory but a change of username is not.

Updated on July 15, 2019

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