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This feature is a “PHASE 1” roll out with rapid-phased enhancements to follow. This type of a feature lends itself to various uses, so please let us know if you have feedback, as we are happy to include your feedback and requests into future releases.

This first version of the Calendar is “Location” centric and unique per User. This means that assignments and viewing of the Calendar is at the “Location” level, not the Super User or Multi-Location level with this version.

Events can be added and/or updated in a few different ways. Users can create Events for anything they would like, such as appointments, reminders, training tasks, etc. Admins/Managers can assign Events to one or more Users and can view calendars of Users to see if the Events have been completed.

The Calendar has four different views:

  • Month (default) – This is a traditional calendar view and displays all of the days of the month. Months can be switched as desired.
  • Week – Displays Sunday – Saturday with an hour-by-hour breakdown.
  • Day – Similar to Week View but for a specific day.
  • Agenda – This allows you to view, filter, and search for Events and display them in one view. Event details can also be viewed on this screen and Events can be edited, completed or deleted.

Calendar Events can be created by clicking on a day in any of the different views or by clicking the “NEW” button that is always available on the top right. Events are non-specific and can accommodate appointments, to-do tasks, Training assignments.

Event Details

  • Title – Text entry for the title / name of the Event
  • Completed? – Flag to indicate when an Event has been completed
  • Calendar – Event is the only option available at this time
  • Due – Date/Time that the Event is to be completed
  • Event URL – Allows a Calendar Event to have a URL attached. If a URL is entered the two fields below help define it.
  • Event URL Target – Same Window or New Window. New Window should be used for links outside of the System (ex:, and Same Window should be used for links inside of the system (ex: Course in the Training Center)
  • Event URL Text – Text that is displayed instead of the URL Target (if desired). This will be the clickable text seen on the Event
  • Show Event URL Text Only – Controls whether or not the URL Target or URL Text is displayed
  • Notes – This is the Event description. Basic formatting and URL links can be used
  • Assign – Which User the Event is assigned to. Managers will have the ability to assign Events to any/all Users as desired.
  • Events can be created for multiple Users at a Location. When an event is created for more than one User it can be completed by each User individually.

Admins/Managers have the ability to switch the Calendar they are viewing by selecting different Users in a drop-down on the top left. This allows Admins/Managers to view and edit the Calendar for Users as needed.

Future Planned Development

The ability for completion of Courses and Chapters to automatically update Calendar Events as complete. This will be a powerful new ability that will allow content to be assigned to Users and allow Admins/Managers to see if and/or when it has been completed.

A report to allow Admins/Managers to be able to search and view Event information for multiple users. This would allow those individuals to better administrate the Calendars and Events for multiple Users. We will have the option to only allow Admins/Managers to view Events created by Admins/Managers if privacy is a concern.

If you would like the new Calendar feature enabled for your System, please contact your LightSpeed VT representative.


Month View
Month View
Week View
Week View
Day View
Day View
Hour Over Event
Hover over Events to see more information

Edit Event view with sample “Best Practices!” button that will link to a Course in the Training Center

Calendar: Edit Event

Pop up Edit Event dialog box

Calendar: Edit Event (Pop-up)
Updated on August 7, 2019

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