Assigned Training

What is it?

Assigned Training let’s you create assignments for any group of users across a single or multiple locations – so your users will know instantly what you want them to be working on.

You can create long-term assignments with an open-ended due date, or you can create them on the fly. Maybe you notice Joe is having a little trouble closing deals… Now you can quickly assign him your Course on Closing due on Friday. He’ll receive a notification immediately that he has a new training assignment and when you’d like it completed by. It’s that easy!

How to use it

Super Users (Top Admins)

Located on the Super User Dashboard under the Content column, open 309 – Assigned Training.

Super User Dashboard: 309 Assigned Training


If you’re account is set up with Manager access, you can access the Assigned Training feature by clicking on the hamburger menu in the top right corner, then click on Management Tools and from there you’ll see Assigned Training at the bottom

Once you get over to the assigned training section you can create new assignments, see your current assignments and their progress, or delete an older assignment.

Assigned Training: Create New Assignment

To create a new assignment, click on the “+ New Assignment” button and follow the admin steps:

Give this assignment a title:

Assigned Training: Give the Assignment a Name

Select the Content you’d like to Assign:

Assigned Training: Select the Courseware

If needed, you can reorder your Courses to display how you’d like them completed. Simply drag each course to its desired position.

Assigned Training: Reorder Courses

Choose how many Revolutions to make it:

Assigned Training: Choose how many Revolutions

What is a Revolution? Jump down the article to learn more.

Select the Locations where you’d like to assign this:

Assigned Training: Select the Locations

Select the Content Roles, Teams or (Individual) Users to assign it to:

Assigned Training: Select the Users

Note: Premier Content Roles can only be assigned by “Super User B” Admins with Privilege “ID:6 Premier Content Roles”.

Select today or a future start date, select an end date (or leave it open):

Assigned Training: Select the start and due dates

Add a custom message to the automated emails they’ll receive:

Assigned Training: Add an optional Message

Note: As you can see in the Notification panel, we indicate when automated emails will be sent to the users:

– When the assignment is first assigned
– Within 3 days of the Due Date (only if they have NOT completed the assignment)
– 1 day after the assignment was due (if they did not complete the assignment)

And that’s it! If your assignment is set to begin today, your selected users will receive an email immediately letting them know they have new training to complete, and when it’s due.


Training isn’t something you did, it’s something you DO! With this tool you can assign users to take your training multiple times – however many times it takes to fully know and understand it.

Brad Lea tells us it takes a person 7 revolutions to completely understand something – so that is what we recommend for your initial training assignments.


Here’s how to take a look at the status of each of your assignments. From the Super User Dashboard under the Content column, open 309 – Assigned Training.

On the main admin screen, locate the particular assignment you want to check progress on and select the Report icon on the right-hand side in the Action column.

Note: When an assignment is created – it will show the assignment at the Location it was created at, and it will also show the assignment at the Location or Locations that it was assigned to.

This allows Managers A, B and C to view the assignment and the report.

If the user is a Manager C and Teams Plus is enabled, then we will show the assignment and ONLY the users on that Manager C’s team.

If an assignment is made at the Location and no users on a Manager C’s team are present, then we do not show the assignment.

Assigned Training: Access Reporting

The Training Report breaks down the progress into two sections, Overview and Users.

In the Overview section, you get a top-level view of the progress of all assigned users – how many are currently In Progress, have Completed the assignment and how many have Not Started the assignment.

Assigned Training Report: Progress Overview

In the User section, you can search and filter to view an individual user’s progress or sort any column for quickly organizing groups of users by Status, Name, Location, Chapters Completed, Revolutions Completed, and overall Completion percentage.

Assigned Training Report: Individual User Progress

Bulk Delete or Archive

As you create more and more Assignments, it may help to keep your “Active” Assignments organized. You can easily Delete unwanted Assignments or Archive those important ones for future reference.

Simply select the checkbox next to an Assignment – you can select as many as you’d like – then choose either the Delete or Archive option in the lower right corner.

Assigned Training: Bulk Delete or Archive

All of your Archived Assignments can be found under the “Archive” tab on the “Manage Assignments” page.

Where to find your Assignments

When your users are assigned training, they’ll see a “My Assignments” tab located in the Slider Menu and also in the Training Center. 

Once in the Training Center, under the “My Assignments” tab, you will find all of your Active and Past Assignments.

Assigned Training: Training Center Tab

Active Assignments

Each Assignment is displayed with clear, color-coded labels on the right-hand side to determine status and remaining time. From here you can also select an item to view and begin/resume training.

My Assignments List View

When clicking into an assignment, at the top of the page we list out all of the requirements for the user – how many Courses, Revolutions, Due Date, your Overall Progress of Completion and if provided, a message from the content assigner.

My Assignment Details View: Header

Below the assignment details, all of the Course materials will be displayed. If multiple Courses have been assigned, you can expand/collapse each section to help stay focused. Each Course will indicate how many Chapters are included and if applicable, an estimated Duration of Completion (per Revolution).

Each Chapter will indicate your progress based on total Revolutions – i.e. if the Assignment required 3 Revolutions and you completed the Chapter only 1 time, it would display 33%. Once completed all required Revolutions, you will see a checkmark indicating you are done.

My Assignments Detail View: Content

Past Assignments (Archive)

To help keep your Active Assignment area tidy, once an assignment is Completed or Past Due, you may select to “Archive” that assignment.

My Assignments: Archive

This will move it from the active area and place it within the “Past Assignments” folder. Here, you may access any of your Past Assignments in the future for confirmation of achievement and further training – though future training on archived / past due assignments will not receive additional “credit”.

My Past Assignments: Archive