Service Level Agreement & Uptime Commitment

LightSpeed VT commits to 99.99% monthly service availability, excluding scheduled maintenance windows and outages caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

Scheduled Maintenance Windows

LightSpeed VT operates with a daily and weekly pre-scheduled maintenance window; listed below. We can’t always adhere to this schedule, and will always publish important alerts regarding irregular or unexpected service interruptions via the @lsvt_support Twitter feed.

Routine (Done as Needed)9pm EST≤ 10 mins
Scheduled (~5 Days Notice)10pm – 12am ESTup to 2 hours
Emergency (Rare to Never)Hopefully NeverShort as Possible

Service Level Warranty

If Customer experiences service availability issues as a result of LightSpeed VT’s failure to provide service, then LightSpeed VT will, upon Customer’s request in accordance with the “Service Credit Process” outlined in this document, credit Customer’s account as described below. This Service Level Warranty set forth herein shall only be available to Current Customers.

Service Availability

Service Availability for a “VT System” is defined as the ability to access the application from a confirmed Internet connection and confirmed compatible computer or device. LightSpeed VT guarantees the service availability as documented above in the “Up-time Commitment.” If Customer’s “VT System” experiences unavailability of the Service as a result of a defined Service Interruption, then LightSpeed VT may issue a credit based on the length of the outage.  Service Interruptions caused by LightSpeed VT’s planned network or system maintenance activities, maintenance at Customer premises, failure of customer premises hardware or software, failure of Customer origin Internet connection or similar issues that would prevent the Service from working successfully, failure of Customer controlled actions and environment are ineligible for availability guarantee compensation.

Service Availability Credits

Service availability credits are determined in accordance with legitimate outages that are greater than the “Uptime Commitment,” with the following guidelines (a) any outage greater than thirty- (30) minutes = one (1) day credit of Service Charges and (b) any outage continuing for greater than an additional  sixty- (60) minutes = one (1) days credit of Service Charges per sixty- (60) minutes period.

Calculation & Maximum Credit

One (1) day of Service Charges shall be equal to 1/30th of the committed monthly Service Charges of Customer.  A maximum of seven (7) days of credit may be provided during any single month.

Credit Process – Filing Period

Service Availability claims must be submitted to LightSpeed VT within seven (7) calendar days of the occurrence of the event.

Credit Process – Adjusted Billing

Approved Service Level Guarantee credits will be applied to the Customer’s billing during the billing cycle following the month in which the claim was approved.

Credit Process – Required Information

Each claim must be filed by Customer’s Administrative Contact and the claim must include the following information, (a) Customer/Account name and “VT System” name, (b) contact’s name and contact information, (c) date and beginning/end time of outage or failed metric, and (d) the specific LightSpeed VT support ticket number opened about the performance issue and brief description of the characteristics of the outage or failed metric. Support tickets are opened by merely sending an email to: [email protected]

Credit Process – Claim Process

Customer must submit the required information by electronic mail to: [email protected] LightSpeed VT will acknowledge all claims within five (5) business days and will review all claims within ten (10) business days of receipt.  Customer will be informed by electronic mail whether the appropriate service credit claim will be granted or rejected. If rejected, the notification will specify the basis for rejection.

Updated on February 19, 2020
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