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  • 22 Jan 2024
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Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your virtual interactive training system? We're here to guide you through it with a series of short, engaging micro-videos that answer your most frequently asked questions and reveal some hidden gems you might not be familiar with. Whether you're a Manager or a Learner, we've got you covered!


Managing Your Team

If you're a Manager, your role goes beyond your own training; you're also responsible for guiding your team towards success. Let's dive into the essential tools at your fingertips that will help you lead your team to victory!

Assign and Manage Training Expectations

Learn how to effortlessly assign training tasks and keep an eye on your team's progress.

How to Assign and Mange Your Teams Training (1:45)

Track Your Team's Progress with Usage and Report Cards

Discover how to monitor your team's growth and performance through usage data and report cards.

Tracking Your Teams Progress with usage and Report Cards (1:45)

Creating New Users

Adding or creating new Users in your VT System is a straight-forward process that you can complete in just a few easy steps.

Creating New Users in Just a Few Steps (1:35)


A Learner's Perspective

Are you ready to embark on your learning adventure? Whether you're new to our system or just want to explore its fantastic features, we've created a series of micro-videos that will enhance your learning journey. Let's jump right in and uncover all the incredible possibilities waiting for you!

Main Menu

Navigate the Main Menu dashboard like a pro and access everything you need with ease.

Main Menu Dashboard: An Overview (0:45)

Training Center

Explore the hub of your training experience, where you'll find all your courses and assignments in one place.

Training Center: Exploring Available Content (1:31)

My Report Card

Keep track of your progress and achievements with your personalized report card.

Tracking Progress: My Report Card & Usage Reports (0:54)


Understand how to complete assignments efficiently and make the most of your learning tasks.

Assigned Training: Staying Focused & On Track (0:38)

My Certifications

Learn how to earn and display your certifications proudly.

My Certificataions: Viewing & Completing Certificates (0:42)


Compete and collaborate with your peers as you climb to the top of the leaderboard.

The Leaderboard: Climbing the Ranks (0:40)


A private community designed to connect with fellow peers, share insights, and collaborate on your learning journey.

Private Community: Connecting with Peers (0:50)

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