October 21, 2022
  • 21 Oct 2022
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October 21, 2022

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Hello Everyone! Halloween is coming up, and while there's nothing spooky going on in these release notes, be on the lookout for all of the scary ghosts, ghouls and goblins that are bound to show up soon!


  • 402 - Certification Report: Added an option to show or hide 'inactive' users in search results.
  • Private Label Manager: Added an option to 'download' existing images.
  • Bulk User Import: This feature has been updated to include a new option for enabling the "Ability to Create/Edit Users"
  • 406 - Multi-Location Watchdog - Progress Report: We've released our second "Multi-Location" Watchdog - the Progress Report! Navigate to the Super User Dashboard and check it out now! It does everything the current Location level Progress Report does, except now allows you to view multiple Locations at once.
  • Courseware Management: We've updated the "Media Selector" to now show the entire media library, rather than only the last 100 video files.


  • Assign Training:
    • The assignment 'Due in 3 Days' email will no longer be sent when an assignment is created and set to be due in less than 3 days time.
    • Made an update so that Super User C / Access Level 3 Users will now only be able to view assignments made at Locations they have access to (previously it was all locations). Privileges that allow Users to edit assignments have not changed - if you are equal to or have higher access than the User who created the assignment, you will be able to edit it.
    • Fixed a bug where trying to remove an email from the reporting section was not working as expected.
    • We made a change to the main view to allow you to view assignments that have "0" Users assigned to them - this way you can either re-use the assignment (assign additional Users), or you can decide to delete or archive it.
    • Fixed an issue where the "Enable Auto Assign" toggle was assigning Users at Locations outside of the original assignment.
    • Made an update that will now let you easily view which Locations are assigned to an assignment - simply open the assignment and from the right-hand ‘Details’ panel, select “Custom selection” next to Locations to see a complete list.

Assign Training Locations Modal

  • 407 - Search and Export Users Report: We made an update here concerning the date range - the date range would begin at 12 noon for the first day, instead of 12 midnight, so users created on the start date before noon were not accounted for.
  • Training Center:
    • Fixed an issue where courses with a Journal chapter type were not displaying correctly.
    • Fill-in-the-Blank "incorrect answer" response text was not working as expected, and has been fixed.
    • Fixed an issue where "My Recent Training" was directing Users to a previous version of the Training Center.
    • Fixed an issue where 'SCORM' content was not returning the User to the correct spot in the Training Center.
  • Sign In Pages: Fixed an issue where some images were being removed by mistake.
  • General / Global:
    • Fixed an issue where an 'oops' error was being shown when trying to manage specific Users.
    • Fixed an issue where the top navigation link to the 'Community' was missing when the 'Favorites' feature was disabled.
    • 2 factor authentication for Password Update - fixed an issue with the logo layout and sign in page link on the 2-factor email that is sent.
  • Leaderboard:
    • Fixed an issue where completing a specific course was not always rewarding points as expected.
    • Made an update so that now when you 'Reset' the leaderboard (by toggling it to Draft Mode and back again) - time based achievements will now reset correctly.
  • 401 - Content Report: This report is now correctly hiding deleted categories and courses from being shown.
  • External Certification Feature: We've made a few updates to the Reports section to allow quicker access to User information directly from the report.
  • Lightpad: Sending an email to 'Contact Support' was working intermittently, this was due to the 'Custom Support' option not always having an email address associated with the email 'From' User. This has been fixed to ensure an email address will always be found when the 'Contact Support' feature is used.
  • 405 - Multi-Location Content Report: Fixed an issue where searching for 'Active Only' content was showing some inactive content by mistake.

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