January 30, 2023
  • 30 Jan 2023
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January 30, 2023

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Hello Everyone and welcome to another Development Update


All new SCORM update!

We've made several behind the scenes changes to make loading SCORM content even easier. Now you can upload your SCORM ZIP files directly to your Media Library, and then simply select them from Courseware Management when you're ready to create.

Files over 100mb are now supported as well!

Media Library - SCORM

Community: Upload Files to Share!

We've made an all new update where you can now enable file uploads to your posts! You can enable this under 'Community Management' right now! After doing so, your Users will then be able to upload files directly to your Community feed! Check it out!…

Community File Post


  • Media Library: We resolved an issue in our uploading process that incorrectly rejected files under 10 MB.
  • 402 - Certification Report: We made an update to now allow inactive Users to be included in some search results.
  • Assign Training: We will no longer be showing deleted content as something available to be assigned - this will help keep the course assignment dialogue area clean and clear.
  • Training Center: In the previous version of the Training Center we made a small fix to remove a typo on the "Next Course" button found on the training summary screen.
  • Interactive Studio: An issue was discovered where sometimes when a segment ended with several different options - redirect to new segment or end chapter - the 'end chapter' option was being assigned incorrectly to the redirect option.
  • 405 - Multi-Location Usage Report: Sometimes when you filter the report by a single day, the report was showing zero usage even though training was done.

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