January 14, 2022
  • 05 Aug 2022
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January 14, 2022

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Hello Everyone and welcome to another development update!


Certification Reports

We’ve made an update to the 402 – Certification Report to include a new “User” option to the “% of total users with completed certifications” option.

When you run the report with the “User List” option selected, you will see something like this:


Under the “Certificate Name” column, we show you how much the individual user has progressed on that specific Certificate – for example: If Certificate “A” was 4 chapters, and the user completed 2 of 4, it would output “50% [ 2 of 4 ]”

We think this is a great new enhancement to this report, allowing you to see at a higher level how everyone is doing.


  • Training Center: Fixed an issue where the ‘Next Course’ button wasn’t showing up as expected in the latest version of the Training Center.
  • Billing History: For those of you that use Stripe, we’ve now added billing history for purchases similar to how Chargify setups currently have.
  • Leaderboard: We added a new quick access link to the Slider Menu for the Leaderboard, just below the ‘My Account’ link.
  • The following words / phrases are now banned from being used on all Zoom calls: “Circle back”, “You’re muted”, and “Deep dive”.
  • Fixed an issue where if there was an apostrophe in a User’s first or last name, it was causing an error.
  • Interactive Landing Page: After an ILP was deleted and you tried accessing the original share Link (URL) to the page, it was still available to view. We made an update that will now also deactivate the ILP when deleted to prevent this.
  • Super User Dashboard: We’ve added 2 additional links under the “201 – Create Users” section for quicker access to “Send Invites” or “Enrollments”.

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