Interactive Call Simulator
  • 14 Oct 2022
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Interactive Call Simulator

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Article Summary


The Interactive Call Simulator is designed to let your team practice on “virtual” customers before they interact with real ones.

If your users can navigate the call correctly, then they will “pass” the test. Get a question wrong, and they’ll fail.

You can serve multiple versions of each call in a single test – we will automatically randomize them so that there’s some variety to it.

How to Create Your Own

First you need to write your call script. At the top of this article is a basic template that will show you an example of a question (or prompt) by a customer calling in on the phone (represented by “Customer Response”), and then at least 2 responses (represented by “User Responses”) – You can list up to 4 possible answer response options, and the simulation will continue as long as you’d like it to.

As long as the user continues to select the correct answer, they will advance in the simulation.

We suggest making the simulation with a reasonable set of responses – not going too long (or too short!)

Any mistake in the simulation will cause the caller (Virtual Customer) to immediately hang up, and then give the user a “fail” score.

Once your script is written, you can (optionally) record the audio for each Customer Response and User Response (questions and answers) – obviously as you can see in the examples you’ve seen, the user and the caller should be different voices, that way end users can discern between the two.

We mention that this step IS optional! You can create a fully functional call simulation that contain no audio – but it would be up to the user to read each response and select the correct answers.

Once you have your script and (optional) audio files recorded, send them to us and we will build the simulation for you. It’s that simple!


We are working on an ADMIN tool for this so you can build these yourself – but, why wait to use it? Send your script and audio files to us and we’ll drop it in for you quickly.

Creating Multiple Simulations

If you’d like to create many, multiple simulations, all you need to do is write and record multiple scripts and we can place them in the same chapter. It will randomly pick one from how ever many are available. This means that users can come back to the same chapter over and over again and receive a different simulation.


Reporting for our Phone Call Simulation works exactly the same as a regular test question – either the user has passed or failed it.

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