Create a Live Event Stream - YouTube
  • 23 Mar 2023
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Create a Live Event Stream - YouTube

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NOTE: YouTube Live requires all content creators to verify their account before streaming. This is a separate process from the standard Google/YouTube account verification. Once you confirm the verification code, there is a 24 hour waiting period.

Schedule a Live Stream in YouTube Studio

Visit and sign in. At the top right, select Create > Go Live and complete the following steps…


Allow Embedding

  • Select how you will broadcast your stream:
    • Streaming Software (i.e. OBS)
    • Webcam
  • Add a Custom Thumbnail image (Highly Recommended – Use a 16:9 ratio; 1280x720px)
  • Be sure to select whether or not this video is made for kids - this is required before proceeding.
  • Under Show More (or Advanced)…
    • Be sure Allow embedding is selected
    • Select your desired settings for Comments and ratings
    • Click Next to continue


Configure the Live Chat settings

  • Determine if you would like Live Chat enabled
    • If you plan to archive the live stream for replay in the Training Center, select if you would like the Live Chat to be included
  • If enabling Live Chat, make sure Participant modes is set to Anyone
  • At the very bottom, select Community settings then select Defaults and check Hold potentially inappropriate chat messages for review
  • Click Next to continue

Note: For users to participate in Live Chat, they are required to be logged into a Google Account. It is recommended that you add mention to this on the Course Description and to have them sign in under a separate tab, before joining the event. Below is a helpful code snippet you can use by copying and pasting into the Description field.


Be Sure to Set Visibility to Unlisted

  • Select Unlisted
  • Set the Schedule to the appropriate Date and Time

After completing the setup, select 'Share' and copy the Video Link.

Select Share to Copy Stream Link

Create Live Event Course

After you have scheduled your YouTube Live Stream, head to the Super User Dashboard and select Create/Edit Courseware.

Create a new Course and change the Course Type to Live Event (If you do not see this, click on the Show Advanced Options button.)

Select YouTube under the “Streaming Service” drop-down, and then paste your link in.

Finally, complete the setup and set the event date and time.
Courseware Management - Live Event - YouTube

Assign and Publish the Course as you would a normal Course – by using the Assign & Publish section – where you can simply select the Content Roles and Locations where this will be available.

In the Training Center, it will look like this to your end users:
YouTube Live Event in the Training Center

Login with Google: Code Snippet

Copy and paste the code below into the Course Description to instruct users to login with Google first, if they would like to participate in the Live Event Chat.

Google Login Required - Code Snippet

<div class="alert alert-light primary-dark-color d-flex align-items-start align-items-md-center shadow-none" role="alert"><i class="icon-utils-info mr-2 mr-md-3 mb-0"></i><div class="alert__content-wrapper d-flex align-items-center flex-wrap flex-md-nowrap w-100"><div class="alert__content mr-auto"><b>Note:</b> You will need a Google Account to participate in the Live Chat. To sign in, select the link here to open a separate window. Once signed in, return to this window to join the event.</div><div class="alert__cta d-flex flex-wrap mt-3 mt-md-0 pl-md-3 ml-auto flex-md-shrink-0"><a class="btn btn-sm btn-outline-primary" href="" role="button" target="_blank"><img width="20px" alt="Google Sign In" src="" class="mr-2"/>Login with Google</a></div></div></div>

Use an Encoder to Stream to YouTube Live

There are three ways to stream on YouTube: use a webcam, your mobile device, or an encoder (streaming software or a hardware encoder). Using an encoder lets you:

  • Share your screen or broadcast your gameplay
  • Use external audio and video hardware
  • Manage an advanced production (like a few cameras and microphones)

The steps below will help you get started with your first live stream.

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