August 23, 2023
  • 23 Aug 2023
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August 23, 2023

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Hello Everyone! Welcome to another update from the Development team!


A Visual Makeover

You know that feeling when you revamp your living space and suddenly everything feels brand new? Well, we’ve captured that exact vibe and injected it into our interface! Starting with System Management and the Report Cards! Check them out…

System Management - UI Updates
System Management
Report Cards - UI Updates
Report Cards

Today’s update is just the tip of the rainbow-hued iceberg. Yep, you heard right – more exciting interface updates are on their way in the coming weeks. 🌈✨

Also New…

We've made an update to the Certification and Certification Watchdog Reports - you can now track User progress based on "Course" completions. Previously the reports only showed progress per Chapter. This update allows you to better understand how far along your Users really are.

For example: There are 2 Courses to complete to earn the Certificate. Each Course contains 5 Chapters, and the User completed 1 Course.

The reports will now show their Chapter Progress as 5 of 10 and their Course progress as 1 of 2.


  • Assign Training: Fixed an issue where sometimes the exported PDF Report was showing incorrect percentages.
  • Usage Report: Fixed a bug where the "Time Spent Training" Excel exported report was showing different values than what was shown in the System.
  • Leaderboard: Fixed a bug where sometimes when Users completed a Certification, it was not awarding the points achievement as expected.
  • Courseware Management - Simple Page: We've made several updates to the form editor by adding new templates, pre-made buttons, and also fixed several bugs.

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