April 27, 2022
  • 05 Aug 2022
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April 27, 2022

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Hello Everyone and welcome to another development update!


The engineers are working hard on some great new features that are almost ready to announce! We can’t share just yet, but here are some of them explaining to me how one of the new features works… Stay tuned!


  • Assign Training:
    • We’ve made an update to show the Location Display Name (the “friendly” name) in the Assignment notifications, rather than the true Location Name, which can sometimes be used for funky internal naming conventions.
    • Fixed an issue where “deleted” Courses were showing up as being available to be assigned.
    • Updated the “Add Course” pop-up to make it easier to search for Courses that live in multiple Categories.
    • Fixed a bug where adding/removing users from an assignment caused the emails listed in the Reporting section, “Send Report To” list, to disappear.
  • Main Menu: We fixed an issue on the main menu where clicking on a carousel panel thumbnail was not taking you to the correct carousel panel.
  • Location Level Usage Report: A bug was fixed with the ‘Search’ filter, where if you typed in a word and hit ‘enter’ it would refresh the page rather than search…
  • My Profile: We made a small update to allow the “+” symbol to be entered under a user’s personal email – brian.green+2@lightspeedvt.com for example.
  • LightPad: Fixed a bug where when a user tried to reply to a lightpad message via email they were getting an error.
  • Leaderboard: Fixed a bug where creating a new Leaderboard with no available Locations to assign it was looking, er, strange.
  • Courseware Management:
    • Made an update to correctly log the “updated by” info when using the duplicate tool.
    • User Submission Chapter Type:
      • Added the ability for Users to edit their submissions after they’ve submitted.
      • Fixed a bug where the “HTML” form was adding paragraph tags to every character.
  • Location Creation / Cloning / Copying: Fixed an issue where the left / right banner messages were not copying correctly.
  • Certifications: Fixed a bug where changing the font was not working as expected with the custom background option.

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