Course Activation
  • 08 Aug 2022
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Course Activation

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This section has some basic instructions on how to turn Content ON and OFF at different levels.

In previous sections we talked about how the Courses live in the Content Container, and that is the utmost “top” level that you can turn a Course On and Off at. And a Course will need to be in a Content Role before it can really be released out into the world in any way. So, this section is going to assume you already have your Courses created, and have put them into Content Roles, and now you want to make them available at Locations – and thus for Users. If you’re still unclear how to get this far – Check out the “Courseware Management” section and then come back here.

Okay, you will first want to Super User to the Location where you want to Activate/Deactivate the Course(s) – the most common way is to go to the Super User Dashboard, and use the “103 Location Management” tool – and search for the Location you want, and click on it so that you are Super User’d to it. You’ll double check you are in the correct Location by seeing the Location name on the top right.


Then go to the “Location Settings” – this button is located in the “Management Tools” link. Remember, now that you are Super User’d to this specific Location, all of these Quick Links are tools and reports that are specific to this one Location only.


Once you are in the Location Settings, click on the second tab, called “Course Settings.” This will show you a list of all of the Categories and Courses from your Content Container. By checking (or unchecking) these boxes, you can turn these Courses ON or OFF for this one Location.
There are two different views available – List and Grid – click on the icons at the top right of the screen to change your view:

List View


Grid View


To Activate, simply click on the empty square and the green checkmark will appear. To Deactivate, simply click on the green checkmark and a red square will appear. (The red square represent “Deactivated” the green checkmark represents “Activated”)

A common use case could be that you just want to turn off a course everywhere, because it may perhaps be too old and you don’t need it anymore. To do that, you can make the Course Inactive in the Content Container area of the Super User Dashboard, and it will turn off everywhere on the planet that it is on.

Bulk Content (De)Activation

YES! It is possible…

There are Admin tools to do bulk content activations and deactivations for lots of Locations at a time! However, we’re not quite ready to have them LIVE yet for Super User B’s (sorry). In the meantime – the LSVT Client Care Dept. can assist you in bulk content changes – simply give us a call or an email, and we’ll be happy to assist!

We’ll just ask you what the list of Course ID’s you want activated (or deactivated) and a list of Location ID’s or just tell us – “All Locations.”

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