Video Formats and Specs

For uploading your own source videos, you will use the “Media Library” tool, which can be found on the Super User Dashboard of your VT System.

The Media Library is a tool that will automatically upload and encode your video files for you, and can be done in bulk. Once you put a video in your Media Library, you can use, and reuse it as many times as you like for any video type in the VT System (Courseware, Carousel Panels, etc.).

Please see this article for more detailed information about the Media Library and the various encoding specs that it utilizes.


The Media Library will let you upload up to 100 files at a time in bulk, and the individual file size can be up to 5 GB.

What format and resolution should my source videos be?

To be frank, as long as it is indeed “a video,” then the Media Library will encode it for you; However – we recommend the following specifications for the best results.

Frame Rate 29.97 fps is the most common and what we recommend
Codec H.264 is the most common and what we recommend
File Type MOV or MP4 are the most common and what we recommend
Bit Rate ~6 Mbps is the most common and what we recommend


For customers that are utilizing the “LSVT Courseware Drop In Service” we are able to get the source files from you in the various ways:

  • LSVT can send an email invite to you from our company account, and you can upload all of your videos there.
  • You can provide us downloadable links from a video service site, such as: Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
  • You can send them to us via popular file sending services, such as: WeTransfer, Hightail, etc.