September 9, 2020

What's New

Assigned Training

Assignments will now show up at the Location where it was assigned.

What this means is if you as an Admin make an assignment at Location A and Location B, Managers at those Locations can now view the assignment and check on the progress of their users. This will help create a lot of oversight for the management level at their Locations.

Location Management

User Info – A New Settings Tab

We’ve added a new “User Info” tab to Location Settings – this tab shows admins (SUB only) how many users are assigned to each specific content role, and you can drill-down and see those specific users.

Fast Forward After Chapter Completion

We’ve added a new toggle to Courseware Management that will allow you as Admins to toggle a setting that will allow your Users to “fast forward” through the Chapter AFTER they’ve passed it once – so they can go back and easily review if they want to.

Updates & Fixes
  • File Vault: We’ve added support for *.key document types.
  • User Management: Speed improvements – we’ve optimized some queries here so for those of you with a lot of content roles, this screen will load much faster.
  • Courseware Management: We’ve disabled the ability for you to change a Course from a standard course to a sellable, as the action is not reversible.
  • Interactive Video Composer: We fixed a couple of issues with the drop-down menus as well as an issue where the first segment was not marked as an “interactive” segment, causing some issues.