September 27, 2019

What’s New

Interactive Video Composer

With today’s update, we’ve moved a few things around to condense and simplify how you build interactive content with the Interactive Video Composer.

It’s as easy as adding your question, drawing a button, and setting the time to display it.

And now, based on the time you set for your first button to display, your video will automatically loop back to this spot whenever it completes – so you’ll no longer need to “grab” or calculate your loop time.

But don’t worry – for those that need a little more creative flexibility, you can set your loop times manually just like before, under the “Advanced Options” section.

In addition to simplifying things, we’ve provided a bit more clarity with the labels and directions to help you fully understand and leverage the power of Interactive Video.

Updated and Fixed

  • Interactivity Report: We fixed an issue where the ‘export’ was showing all Locations instead of just the ones you had access to.
  • Test Questions (on mobile devices): We fixed an issue where if you answered a fill-in-the-blank question and had an extra space at the end of your answer, it was incorrectly marking it wrong.
  • Assigned Training: We made several updates here…
    • We’ve added a new “teams” filter to the user selection process during assignment creation. Now you can easily make assignments to all users on a specific team!
    • We’ve added an excel/pdf export to the report.
    • Fixed a bug where if the ‘message’ text was too long, it sent an Oops error.
    • Fixed an issue where if Location Provisioning was disabled, no content was available to the user to make an assignment.
    • We’ve added a new feature where all new assignments come with a free bag of skittles.
  • Lightpad: We fixed an issue where filtering by Locations was selecting all Locations by mistake.
  • Private Label Manager: We fixed an issue where orphaned themes were not showing up as expected.