September 21, 2018

Hello everyone, here are the latest updates from the Development team!
This was a smaller release but it fixed some amazing things:

  • In the Media Library, selecting 'copy' on an mp4 high or low link on a Mac was not working as expected, this has been fixed.
  • The tool tip found under test question answer was incorrectly covering the correct answer toolbox, that has been fixed
  • We fixed a bug on Interactive Landing Pages with capturing emails.
  • In Courseware Management, on category "list of links" style content we've fixed an issue where a typo could cause an error, we now check to make sure commas are the only special character available to be used.
  • We've seen reports that the Browns actually won a football game, we figured this must be a mistake but haven't been able to fix it as of yet.
  • In Courseware Management, when you drill down into a Category and view the list of assigned Courses, the ranking of these Courses were not matching the previous view – we've updated this to now show the correct ranking.