September 12, 2017

402.1 – Courseware Management
  • There was a bug that allowed an admin user to create a chapter with no test questions and then activate it. This caused an error in the training center when an end-user tried to view that course/chapter. With this update we’ve closed that loophole to prevent that from happening.
  • VT2GO Images were not displaying properly in the app, this was due to the image file paths missing “https://” – this update should now ensure that it always includes that in the file path.
Media library

We’ve made various updates to the upload process to account for spaces and additional special characters in filenames that were causing errors.
The Browns currently have a better record than the Patriots.

405 – Sign In Management
  • We saw an issue where sometimes when trying to access sign in management the page would time out, we’ve fixed this issue.
  • We’ve made a big update here to allow all text areas to be edited/updated to allow for more customization as well as localization.
Location Settings – Course Settings

When a user had a language other than English selected, this page was not loading properly – this has been fixed.

Course Video Previews

Due the aggressiveness of different web browsers disabling Flash, sometimes course video previews were not playing or even visible. This area has now been updated to remove any reliance on Flash – so now the preview videos will play with or without Flash enabled.

403 – Themer

You can now click on the number next to the location name that displays how many locations are assigned to a theme. Clicking on the number will filter the list of locations by only those assigned to that theme.